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professional-fashion-show-photographer-londonIn about a week’s time it is time yet again for the big wedding fair at Glow in Bluewater.

Which means that I have had a week of rushing around like crazy… I’ve ordered “stuff” from all around UK – would you believe how many things you need for a stand at a wedding fair – and am all excited about what will actually come with the mail next week!

I already got the flyers with our special fair offer – and I am pleased. I also got my package with pompoms, to which my American house mate looked at me slightly perplexed… “Eh, did you say pompoms…?”

Hi- hi, No I’m not gonna stand up on a table and jump up and down chanting “Give me a W …” …  “Oh yeah, lets all get married….”

The pompoms are cute, decorative ones to deck out our stand with, not cheerleader pompoms lol. But I might go all American cheerleader and just jump up and down with them anyway, if I feel a bit extra frisky next weekend.

Anyways, in the meanwhile, while I’m practicing my cheer-leading skills for next weekend, the fab editor Veronica of Zank You Magazine, has just published a feature with my photography from the last fair. For the last three Bluewater fairs I’ve had a wicked time shooting the bridal fashion show and the event mingle images, providing the organisers with professional photography for their marketing.

This Bluewater fair you won’t find me rushing around the catwalk with my camera however – since I’ll be at my stand – but I thought it would be fitting to post some shots, to give you an idea of what the fair is like – and I love shooting the bridal fashion show at Bluewater, always so much to capture, so I’m glad I get a reason to post it. And if you want discount on your fair entry tickets just scroll to the bottom and click the link for the Zank You feature.

See you at stand M6, I’ll be underneath my pile of pompoms!

bridal-fashion-photographer-louise-bjorlingLouise Bjorling wedding photographyprofessional-fashion-show-photography-bjorling-07Bluewater-bridal-show-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosbridal-fashion-photographer-louise-bjorlingBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosBluewater-bridal-show-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosBluewater-bridal-show-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosbluewater-fashion-show-bridal-photographer-louise-bjorlingBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosLouise Bjorling wedding photographyprofessional-bridal-fashion-photos-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-photographer-bluewater-bjorlingprofessional-fashion-show-photography-bjorlingBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photography

Brands on the catwalk from the autumn 2014 fair above: Helena Fortley, Great Expectations Bridal, Reiss, Marianne Jessica, Triumph, Oriental Pearl, Bromley Brides, Jon Kruger, Moss Bros, Hayley Elisabeth, Confetti & Lace, and Couture Pour Home.

Louise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographybluewater-wedding-fair-bjorling-photography-2Louise Bjorling wedding photographybluewater-wedding-fair-bjorling-photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographycommercial photography londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographybluewater-wedding-photographer-louise-bjorling-20Louise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photography






Roses in red, details in gold, Fir tree branches, cones, and lots of Christmas super coziness… it was an atmospheric wedding affair when Sarah and Simon tied the knot just a few days before Christmas.

It’s always a bit of an extra challenge for a photographer to photograph a wedding starting late on a winter afternoon, with the sun already on it’s way down – but Four Seasons Hotel in Park Lane with its grand interiors and dramatic lighting, was as made for a Christmas wedding – beautiful Christmas tree in the foyer, fairy lighting and Christmas trees wherever you look outside the windows.

And when they said “I do” , it was with a panorama view over a night time London.

Here is the story of Sarah and Simon’s day – such a nice and relaxed event celebrated with friends and family and smiles all day. Their day started with the groom greeting their guests, while the bridal party where challenging the frisky December winds, with a Mojito – party on the hotel room terrace…

documentary-wedding-photography-four-seasons-hotelwedding-photography-four-seasons-londonwedding-photographer-london-four-seasons-hotelwedding-photographer-london-four-seasons-hotelLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographybridal-preparation-photography-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographybridal-photography-four-seasons-hotelbridal-photography-four-seasons-hotel-2Louise Bjorling wedding photographybride-photography-london-photographerLouise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-photography-four-seasons-londonwedding-photography-four-seasons-londonbride-photography-london-photographerwedding-at-four-seasons-hotelLouise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-ceremony-four-seasons-hotel-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographymodern-wedding-photography-londonwinter-wedding-photography-london wedding-ceremony-four-seasons-hotel-london wedding-ceremony-four-seasons-hotel-london wedding-ceremony-four-seasons-hotel-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyprofessional-wedding-photographer-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-photographer-central-london-bjorlingLouise Bjorling wedding photographylondon-christmas-wedding-photographyfour-seasons-hotel-bjorling-photographyfour-seasons-hotel-bjorling-photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyfour-seasons-hotel-bjorling-photographygroup-portraits-london-wedding-photographerwinter-wedding-photography-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographychristmas-wedding-portraits-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photography

We went for a bit of a night time shoot, and got some really great views up on the top floor…

Louise Bjorling wedding photographymodern-wedding-portraits-londonmodern-wedding-portraits-londonmodern-wedding-portraits-londonmodern-wedding-portraits-londonlondon-night-time-wedding-portraitswedding-venue-london-four-seasons-hotel-Louise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-reception-four-seasons-hotelwedding-reception-professional-photographer-londonprofessional-winter-wedding-photographer-londonwedding-reception-four-seasons-hotelLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photography

I love this idea for the kids… what a truly fab way to keep them entertained! An “I spy game” with disposable cameras, letting them take photos of everything that’s going on.wedding-reception-professional-photography-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographylondon-wedding-portraits-winter

Congratulations Sarah and Simon, have an awesome life together!

xx Louise

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  • Linda Addison - I don’t think they could look any happier, lovely photosReplyCancel

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  • Anne Hawthorn - Best wedding photos I’ve seen for a long time…..such a happy occasion xReplyCancel

london-wedding-of-the-year-bjorling-photoHappy New Year to you all!

Normally I start a new year – well after making some promises on day 1… then breaking said promises on day 2 (Such as the ones about less chocolate and less coffee… noooot) – anyway, after all the promise making + promise breaking is out of the way, I usually start the year with a blog post which rounds up the wedding year just gone in images.

…But not this year.

This year I have a different idea.

I’d like to start 2015 off, by hoping for an extra good start for Natalie and Josef – lovely people who’s wedding I photographed back in spring. They got voted through the shortlisting, and are now through to the very final (drum roll), of the London wedding of the year competition 2014, held by Your London Wedding Magazine.

(Hurray and congratulations!) This is the very Grand finale, so of course we appreciate all the votes that they can get to win a luxury weekend!

Would you like to vote for them?

You’re more than welcome to – just click on the image below to get transferred to the page for voting! And from there, all you need to do is to confirm your vote by pressing the “tab to vote”.

(Depending on what screen you have, you might need to scroll down to give your vote)

Thank you!! And all the best wishes and fingers crossed for Natalie and Joe to win:)And may you all have a fantastic 2015! xx Louise



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