Themed wedding photography – the winner is… ♣ ♣ ♣

The moment of truth – who is the 2011 winner of my Weddings with a twist competition, out of the selected couples with personal or unusual wedding themes …

To be honest, I kind of dreaded this moment. I’ve enjoyed every step of the competition apart from actually choosing a winner! I didn’t want to choose one, I wish they could all win!! I’ve been blessed – all the couples I photographed were really amazing.

After reading all the finalist’s stories over and over, and after letting a panel of people (a group of photographers, bridal blogger, web designer and a musician) have their input, I’ve come to a conclusion. Although the Weddings in the mews/Poirot is such a brilliant theme to set against a backdrop of old London, and although Gone with the wind resulted in some beautiful portraits, and I know that their plans for their day will make it a really personal and cozy wedding – it was the Canterbury Tales that went the extra mile in this competition. Their enthusiasm, their involvement of all their families, their eclectic ideas and their “down to earth home makingness” (ok, I know there is no such word really, I just invented it), won the majority of the panel’s vote. Although I have to stress, that it was incredibly even in this competition!

Looking forward to photograph their 300-years-old-village-hall wedding, with English country fetes theme, and lots of DIY and “home makingness”!

A mega huge thank you to everyone who’s commented on the competition portrait sessions, it’s been really great to read them and to hear people’s thoughts!

Want to see their portrait session and read about their wedding plans again?

Here is the link: Canterbury Tales portrait session



Congratulations Abigail and Pete!!

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