Contemporary wedding photography London – city DIY wedding

Contemporary wedding photography London – from Christchurch venue at Spitalfield Market – A city chic wedding with handmade details  – Vicky and Ross Part 2

Vicky and Ross had definitely found the perfect East London wedding venue. With a grand interior and surrounded by East London quirk – situated just next to a lot of London history and urban hot spots, it was a dream venue for a London wedding photographer. I was super excited to arrive at their wedding reception after shooting the first part of their day! And I was blown away by all the cute and quirky details and DIY. I love the gorgeous wild life scene center pieces designed by Vicky, together with the florist Muscari – Whites. Vicky also added her touch to the name tags, using tea staining and a birdcage stamp, and together with one of her bridesmaids, she created the thumb print tree. One of her friends had collected loads of little teacups from different stores and car booth sales. There was also a really cool theme stemming from Ross’ involvement in the music industry, with one of his ushers making the Vinyl record table names;). And his own mother designed the CD covers! It was a fantastic wedding reception to photograph with so much to capture and a fantastic mixture from different cultures….

Here is part two of the London wedding photography for Vicky and Ross – following on from the first part of their day… ( Islington Town Hall and an alleyway editorial portrait session in East London )


quirky-wedding-photography-london 518-Bjorling-photography christ-church-spitalfield-wedding 530-Bjorling-photography wedding-group-portraits-1 551-Bjorling-photography

I loved the Christchurch opposite Spitalfield market as a wedding venue – 300 years old and so full of history, situated in such a historically interesting and presently buzzing area, just next to the famous old pub Ten Bells. (My friends would tell you that I just loooove places with some interesting history to it!)

christchurch-spitalfield-east-london 605-Bjorling-photography handmade-forest-centre-pieces wild-life-wedding-centerpiece 646-Bjorling-photography tea-stained-wedding-tags thumb-print-tree 676-Bjorling-photography wedding-photographer-spitalfield-east-london 687-Bjorling-photography wedding-christ-church-east-london 751-Bjorling-photography wedding-christ-church-east-london wedding-christ-church-east-london 809-Bjorling-photography 799-Bjorling-photography christchurch-east-london 825-Bjorling-photography christchurch-east-london wedding-photography-christchurch-spitalfield-east-london 871-Bjorling-photography wedding-reception-photography-1 929-Bjorling-photography broche-bouquet 634-Bjorling-photography 633-Bjorling-photography 924-Bjorling-photography christchurch-east-london-2 wedding-reception-photography-2 626cr-Bjorling-photography 962-Bjorling-photography 970-Bjorling-photography 981-Bjorling-photography First-dance-Christchurch-london 968-Bjorling-photography 987-Bjorling-photography

After the first dance we hit this room upstairs, where the girls got in to traditional costumes for the African themed evening celebrations….

1009-Bjorling-Photography african-wedding-photography-london african-wedding-photography-london-2 1028-Bjorling-Photography london-wedding-photographer-2 1027-Bjorling-Photography 1056-Bjorling-Photography 1061-Bjorling-Photography 1064-Bjorling-Photography 1071-Bjorling-Photography

A surprise African dance number was on the agenda by King Masco and his African dancers…

1097-Bjorling-Photography 1098-Bjorling-Photography 1104-Bjorling-Photography christchurch-spitalfield-wedding-venue 584-Bjorling-photography

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Venue: Christ Church Spitalfield venue

African dress: Mrs Bisi Fraser
Ross’ evening suit: Spencer Hart
Caterers: Jollof pot
Cake maker: Mrs Mrytle Noble
African performance: King Masco and dancers
Table center pieces: Bride together with florist Muscari-whites
Design on CD covers: Groom’s mother Gill Wakefield
Vinyl Record table names: Joe Smith

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