Pre wedding portraits Coombe Wood South London

♥ Zac and Jo on a chilled out Sunday afternoon in Coombe wood South Croydon ♥

On a windy Sunday, Zac and Jo took me for a pre- visit to the venues for their summer wedding, and stunned me with their choice of church – which was really cozy, with Victorian gothic features and mosaic windows – to be followed by a reception at the lovely function hall of Whitgiftian… can’t wait to capture their wedding day. Afterwards we headed  for a pre- wedding portrait session out in these woodlands which is situated – would you believe it – in South Croydon! The hilly outdoors of Coombe Wood proved to be the perfect choice and really, if the weather had permitted they should have skied down these hills… coz where do you think they first met? You got it – on the skiing slopes 😉

Zac and Jo, here is your pre – view!


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