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Pho Topic London commercial photography


PHO TOPIC photography, founded in 2008 by Louise Bjorling, creates compelling images for your marketing and client portfolio requirements – covering photography of architecture, interior, industrial, products, events, head-shots and other corporate needs.


PHO TOPIC can also be your 1 stop provider, working together with graphic designers and other professionals to create the marketing/printing material for your images – brochures, leaflets, catalogues, show books, show room large format mounts, and various modern image display formats.


PRICE INFO: Since every company requirement is different, please send  forward as much information as you can, using the contact form on your top right, and you will receive more information and a quote accommodating what you’re after.


  1. we meet up and have a chat about what your requirements are – so that we are on the same page before I commence the shooting.
  2. The day rate is paid in advance and work as a deposit. (Don’t worry if we need to reschedule, you won’t have to pay a new day rate)
  3. After the shoot,  all the successful images are put together for you to view. You pick the images you want to keep, and place an order. We also discuss whether you wish for some more advanced retouching – taking out objects from within an image, image fusions, or digital clean up of dirty looking surfaces. You can book this service for just certain images or for all of the images. See samples below!
  4. Your chosen images are then put through post processing, with corrections and lighter retouching to all your images individually – as a standard service included in the base price. I also perform the advanced retouching if you’ve booked this in. And then your disc will be ready for delivery – with all your images correctly post processed, sized and profiled.

 1: DAY RATE includes


  • The day rates includes professional, high end digital camera, several interchangeable lenses, Speedlight flash which can be used wireless, and travel charge within Greater London.
  • Certain shoots might need extra equipment, which will be discussed in advance – such as portable studio lighting, outdoor battery flashes, digital medium format camera, specialist lenses, extra assistant – and the day rate will then change accordingly.




  • post production
  • standard corrections and profiling
  • custom made disc and delivery
  • Commercial user license for print and/or online use
  • Rates are according to the image file size that you order: 300 DPI print size + Web size OR Web size only








OK, so you probably want to see some samples from our service now. Just click on the text below, and a sample image gallery will appear. Enjoy;)(Just press in the right corner of each image to see the next one…)

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