A 2012 in review – A few favorite wedding photographs of the year ….


Ha ha, it’s about time! Time for my “Best of 2012″ list before January – 13 comes to an end! It’s been sooooo difficult. Guess how many photos I had chosen to start with… 416! Obviously I can’t have that many in a Best of list. Ha – ha, I’m just liking my own images too much ain’t it.;)But it’s just so difficult to choose – I had so many great photo opportunities at “my” weddings last year and I don’t want to be unfair on couple’s images – so I do appologise if there is an image that hasn’t been included, that you think should be here. You’re right, it probably should be, I just couldn’t fit them all in:).


So what’s up for 2013?


I’m really excited and can’t wait for the wedding season to start, here are a couple of things that I would love to do with my photography this year:


Composition – I really want to play around more with compositions. Don’t worry if you’ve hired me as your photographer, it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna hold up your day while I’m looking for compositions – photographers look for compositions all the time from behind the camera, without you even knowing. ( Yes your reportage style photographer does it as well – it’s their most important tool, if it is a proper reportage photographer that is – ask Cartier-Bresson ).  Composition is one of those things that there just isn’t an end to – there are so many ways, and probably the one thing that strongest define a photographer’s style. This year I’d love to discover some new things, play with distance, patterns in surroundings, negative space etc…


Experimenting and new ideas – Couples, if you have any specific ideas for your engagement shoot or wedding portraits, please tell me! I’d love to hear them. They can be awesome, unusual, funny, arty, whatever you feel like. I love creating images that aren’t cookie cut. And I love ideas that are influenced by movies, fashion magazines etc.


I just want to say that it’s been an exciting year – A lot of talented photographers are coming forward. It’s nice to see that so many people are starting to realise that amazing images aren’t born in the camera, but rather in the skills and the mind of the shooter. I’m noticing that couples have started to demand not just a certain standard, but more personal, creative and interesting pictures. Which gives us photographers a chance to do our very best and to challenge ourselves to always try new things and improve.


Ok, so here it goes. I wanted to choose images that shows the diversity of shots from the whole wedding day, and from a few different styles of weddings – and again appologies if I have missed out on anyone’s favorite image. Enjoy! xx Louise


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Congratulations to all of you lovelies who got married in 2012!

And congratulations to all of you who are now engaged and still have the big day to look forward to:)

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