A photojournalist style London wedding with lots of candid photography

Every now and then I have the opportunity to photograph a wedding together with another photographer. This is so much fun for me of course, since I get to work with a colleague! But even more importantly, it’s a great situation for couples – knowing that they have shots from several angles and from different parts of their weddings – particularly when weddings are filled to the brim with guests and the couple just don’t get to experience all the moments since so much is going on around them.

This is a recent wedding from a gorgeous London summer day, which we shot in a team of two photographers. While I concentrated on the groom shots and the candid shots of guests, the other photographer focused on the bride and the portraits. This team work gave the couple the great opportunity to have a 40 minutes long portrait session in the urban cityscapes together with my colleague, while I got the shots of the guests mingling around with cocktail- snacks and bubbly.

It’s a great treat for the couple to have shots of all the important moments from different angles. But it’s also a great challenge for photographers to double shoot a wedding. It’s extremely important that the photographers know one and others style really well, and that they are able to streamline and work together to deliver the style of shots that the couple is after. A bit of a balancing act in fusing the styles but keeping the individuality at the same time really! I’m extremely lucky to have two colleagues that I double shoot a lot with on couple’s requests – and I know what I can expect from them, and they know what to expect from me. But I can totally understand why some photographers never double shoot weddings, since the result can be so individual.

It’s also interesting to see how the weddings differ slightly and how the couples differ in style and personal taste depending on which one of me and my colleagues have booked the couple! For one of my colleagues, the style is more light and pretty and influenced by fashion photography, while for my other colleague the weddings are more photojournalist/documentary in photography style and perhaps a bit more quirky and urban. And for me… I’m a bit of both!

So here are some of my favorites (from my camera and edited by me) of this awesome wedding with a documentary style of photography. The day started at Hackney Town Hall in East London, followed by a routemaster trip and a reception at St Brides Foundation in City of London…

wedding-photography-london hackney-town-hall wedding-photography-london

wedding-photorapher-hackney-town-hall wedding-photography-london wedding-photographer-hackney documentary-wedding-photographer-london documentary-wedding-photographer-london documentary-wedding-photographer-london wedding-photographer-london-city wedding-photographer-london-city wedding-photographer-london-city st-bride-institute-photography wedding-photographer-brides-foundation

wedding-photographer-bride-foundationwedding-photographer-bride-foundation photojournalist-wedding-photographer-london-citywedding-photography-st-bride-foundationcentral-london-wedding-photographercentral-london-wedding-photographer wedding-photography-st-bride-foundationcentral-london-wedding-photographer central-london-wedding-photographer

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