A post card says more than 1000 emails ;)

What a heatwave on the weekend hey…

I’m just getting ready to process Ross and Vicky’s amazing London wedding, and the heath of Saturday just gone, is really coming back to me as I see the images in front of me…;)

So apologies, that I’m not doing much blogging at the moment – I am totally stuck behind my computer with a good few weddings to edit and my eyes turning into squares. (Well that’s how us Swedish kids where warned back in the 80s – that too much video watching and computer games turn your eyes into squares – perhaps just a way to make us do homework instead)

But before I disappear back into image editing hibernation, I just wanted to post something that really made my day… a post card from a very lovely couple that I photographed in the beginning of the summer. It’s just so special to receive a post card in this day and age of emails and Twitter (which actually, I don’t have) and Facebook (which actually, I’m the best at neglecting). A postcard is now luxury – like somebody really took their time to say what they wanted to say!

Thank you Karen and Paul for taking the time!:):)

xx Louise



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