New gorgeous album with top quality antique style cover

Lovely, beautiful story books with wedding photography or high quality wedding albums really makes me tick. These are new in my collection!

An autumn Sunday morning , with slight fog in the air and the colours vibrating in all spectra of warm tones, is like made for writing a blog post on these new albums that I’m offering this year.

When I received this studio sample album from my newly appointed supplier, I was over the moon – it’s just such a beautiful cover option for an autumn/Christmas wedding or for a very traditional English wedding, and the wedding in this album is both traditional and “christmassy”. I brought it with me to the reception venue Le Saint Julienne in city of London which hosted this wedding, to show it to the owner and to the hair stylist (Anne Jobard). They loved it. I then popped in to see the vicars at the ceremony venue (St Bartholomew’s the Great). They where equally as excited about it as I, claiming that it was the nicest book a wedding photographer had ever showed them (!)

But it was the other day, when I met with one of my recent brides to discuss her album options, that I finally got a real reason to blog about this album. This antique style leather cover actually brought tears to her eyes. That’s when I knew that this album cover hits the jackpot.


And it isn’t just the cover itself that is of outstanding quality, the printing company behind this album, use the very top notch printing equipment – you see their main business is not to print wedding albums – their main line of business is to cater for billboard campaigns and high end advertising clientele, so you can imagine what kind of facilities they have. This book is just all around high quality, so I’m glad that I’ve finally been able to put this blog chapter together.

 Here’s a slideshow showing you samples from the book – you’ll find the control buttons on the lower right hand side:

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