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Last year I changed album suppliers and I absolutely love the album selection from my new suppliers.

Yesterday I believe we finally had our first day of spring – the birds where singing, I didn’t need a jumper under my jacket, and one little lone flower had already popped up in our back yard (!) So I stepped out into the glorious sunshine and did a little photo shoot featuring the new collection of sample albums I recently received. Hopefully this will give you guys an idea of what the albums look like, what different colours and cover materials are available – and also, giving you ideas on how images can be strung together to tell a story about the wedding day.


The photographs are printed straight on to the pages. With seamless printing across the gutter in the middle of the book ↑


The albums are very versatile in terms of weaving a story together using different layouts and mixing large and small images how it best fits the selected photographs. But what I also love about these album makers, is the whole presentation of their products – such as the boxes the albums arrive in. The standard box is black box with leather feel in fantastic quality – or, when ordering an upgrade album with leather cover & high quality mat art paper, the box for the album is of a very special type of linen – as in this example:

Louise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-photographer-london-linen-albumswedding-photographer-london-linen-albums

There are several different sizes available – with special rate for smaller copies to parents/friends/family! The most popular size is the 10×14 inch. Although larger A3 or smaller A4 are examples of sizes available as well. In this sample below, the main book is in size 10×14, and the “smaller version” is slightly smaller than A4. But what’s special with this album company, is that the quality isn’t compromised for the smaller copies – they are printed with exactly the same quality as the main book!

wedding-photographer-london-professional-albumswedding-photographer-london-professional-albumsLouise Bjorling wedding photography

The pages are of “card-quality” durable thickness and have a printing quality that is of professional standard, with a semi gloss finish to it. (Art finish mat is available as an upgrade)

wedding-photographer-london-linen-albumswedding-photographer-london-linen-albumsIn this example, you can see the mat art finish paper and a cover in real leather↑


There are several different cover options available as well. I particularly like the linen ones ↑ – they come with the warm toned etching included, and I just love how you can see the fibers of the material. There are also plenty of colours available – you’re very likely to find one that goes perfectly with the colour theme of your wedding 🙂 . Just scroll down a bit further, to see the different colours and cover materials available…

Louise Bjorling wedding photography



Click on the image below to see a slideshow of cover options…




The albums are also available with Photographic cover – a photograph from your day etched into the front cover, which would be combined with a leatherette spine.

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professional-fashion-show-photographer-londonIn about a week’s time it is time yet again for the big wedding fair at Glow in Bluewater.

Which means that I have had a week of rushing around like crazy… I’ve ordered “stuff” from all around UK – would you believe how many things you need for a stand at a wedding fair – and am all excited about what will actually come with the mail next week!

I already got the flyers with our special fair offer – and I am pleased. I also got my package with pompoms, to which my American house mate looked at me slightly perplexed… “Eh, did you say pompoms…?”

Hi- hi, No I’m not gonna stand up on a table and jump up and down chanting “Give me a W …” …  “Oh yeah, lets all get married….”

The pompoms are cute, decorative ones to deck out our stand with, not cheerleader pompoms lol. But I might go all American cheerleader and just jump up and down with them anyway, if I feel a bit extra frisky next weekend.

Anyways, in the meanwhile, while I’m practicing my cheer-leading skills for next weekend, the fab editor Veronica of Zank You Magazine, has just published a feature with my photography from the last fair. (For the last three Bluewater fairs I’ve had a wicked time shooting the bridal fashion show and the event mingle images, providing the organisers with professional photography for their marketing.)

This Bluewater fair however, you won’t find me rushing around the catwalk with my camera – since I’ll be at my stand – but I thought it would be fitting to post some shots, to give you an idea of what the fair is like – and I love shooting the bridal fashion show at Bluewater, always so much to capture, so I’m glad I get a reason to post it. And if you want discount on your fair entry tickets just scroll to the bottom and click the link for the Zank You feature.

See you at stand M6, I’ll be underneath my pile of pompoms! shots by Louise Bjorling photography for the promotional campaign:

bridal-fashion-photographer-louise-bjorlingLouise Bjorling wedding photographyprofessional-fashion-show-photography-bjorling-07Bluewater-bridal-show-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosbridal-fashion-photographer-louise-bjorlingBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosBluewater-bridal-show-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosBluewater-bridal-show-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosbluewater-fashion-show-bridal-photographer-louise-bjorlingBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosLouise Bjorling wedding photographyprofessional-bridal-fashion-photos-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-photographer-bluewater-bjorlingprofessional-fashion-show-photography-bjorlingBluewater-bridal-show-Oct-14-Louise-Bjorling-photosLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photography

Brands on the catwalk from the autumn 2014 fair above: Helena Fortley, Great Expectations Bridal, Reiss, Marianne Jessica, Triumph, Oriental Pearl, Bromley Brides, Jon Kruger, Moss Bros, Hayley Elisabeth, Confetti & Lace, and Couture Pour Home.

Louise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographybluewater-wedding-fair-bjorling-photography-2Louise Bjorling wedding photographybluewater-wedding-fair-bjorling-photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographycommercial photography londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographybluewater-wedding-photographer-louise-bjorling-20Louise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photography





I love Bloved Weddings it’s the blog for wedding couples who are after everything contemporary. I’m glad I got accepted on to their showcase earlier this summer. They recently interviewed me and the interview has just been published – very interesting questions indeed, both for me and for couples who are looking for a wedding photographer and want to know more about the booking process, what inspires a wedding photographer and their shooting style, questions about current trends for weddings, etc. You want to know what I said? Just click here  and you will be re-directed to the actual interview on the Bloved Wedding Blog.

xx Louise


So this was the short version. Click here to read the rest….