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The other week I shot another set of interesting staircases for Gary. I particularly like this lime staircase. It’s kind of cute! And the old school bicycle really adds to it. Also check out the funky checkered end post for the mixed wood staircase underneath – and how about spicing up your stairs with some swarovski crystal spindles!

professional-photographer-wooden-staircases-uk interior-photographer-london professional-photographer-wooden-staircases-uk interior-photographer-london

interior-photography-essex interior-photography-londonThe swarovski cut crystal spindles that Gary can incorporate with his wooden staircases. What a great idea hey!

swarovski crystal staircase photography

Just back from photographing some more of Gary Curnick’s stairs for his new brochure, and he had some fantastic news! He just won a national award in the joinery cathegory: National home building and renovating product excellence for joinery, 2011 winner. It was his stairs that won of course, for his creative and unusual mixture of different types of wood – and the stairs are fantastic. But it was nice to hear that he won the competition, judged on the photographs I shot for him a few months back!:)

Congratulations Gary!

The winning staircase…

professional-stairs-photographer-london, national-award-joinery-gary-curnic

commercial-interior-photographer-london, award-winning-stairs-photography


I shot these documentary style environmental portraits of factory workers for a company of glass and metal workers – some of the pics to go on their website and some of them for their yearly calendar. With inspiration from the naturally low, ambient factory light with different colour casts, and the sparks created from the different types of welding involved in their work process, (and there are a few different types I’ve learnt…), I added some side/back lighting with a portable flash for some of the shots – creating a cinematic feel to the images…


professional-industrial-photographer-london professional-industrial-photographer-london




glass-and-metal-architecture-photographer-london glass-and-metal-architecture-photographer-london corporate-headshots-london