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Ha ha, it’s about time! Time for my “Best of 2012″ list before January – 13 comes to an end! It’s been sooooo difficult. Guess how many photos I had chosen to start with… 416! Obviously I can’t have that many in a Best of list. Ha – ha, I’m just liking my own images too much ain’t it.;)But it’s just so difficult to choose – I had so many great photo opportunities at “my” weddings last year and I don’t want to be unfair on couple’s images – so I do appologise if there is an image that hasn’t been included, that you think should be here. You’re right, it probably should be, I just couldn’t fit them all in:).


So what’s up for 2013?


I’m really excited and can’t wait for the wedding season to start, here are a couple of things that I would love to do with my photography this year:


Composition – I really want to play around more with compositions. Don’t worry if you’ve hired me as your photographer, it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna hold up your day while I’m looking for compositions – photographers look for compositions all the time from behind the camera, without you even knowing. ( Yes your reportage style photographer does it as well – it’s their most important tool, if it is a proper reportage photographer that is – ask Cartier-Bresson ).  Composition is one of those things that there just isn’t an end to – there are so many ways, and probably the one thing that strongest define a photographer’s style. This year I’d love to discover some new things, play with distance, patterns in surroundings, negative space etc…


Experimenting and new ideas – Couples, if you have any specific ideas for your engagement shoot or wedding portraits, please tell me! I’d love to hear them. They can be awesome, unusual, funny, arty, whatever you feel like. I love creating images that aren’t cookie cut. And I love ideas that are influenced by movies, fashion magazines etc.


I just want to say that it’s been an exciting year – A lot of talented photographers are coming forward. It’s nice to see that so many people are starting to realise that amazing images aren’t born in the camera, but rather in the skills and the mind of the shooter. I’m noticing that couples have started to demand not just a certain standard, but more personal, creative and interesting pictures. Which gives us photographers a chance to do our very best and to challenge ourselves to always try new things and improve.


Ok, so here it goes. I wanted to choose images that shows the diversity of shots from the whole wedding day, and from a few different styles of weddings – and again appologies if I have missed out on anyone’s favorite image. Enjoy! xx Louise


Blog-1016-Bjorling-photography Blog-1017-Bjorling-photography best-wedding-photography-london-2012 best-wedding-photography-london-2012 003-Bjorling-photography 006-wed-by-bjorling 014-wed-by-bjorling 025b-wed-by-bjorling 043-wed-by-bjorling Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography 055-wed-by-bjorling Louise Bjorling wedding photography Blog-237-Bjorling-photography Bw-357-louisebjorling 202-Bjorling-photography 262-Bjorling-photography best-wedding-photography-london-2012 298-louisebjorling Louise Bjorling wedding photography together-1 245-wed-by-bjorling 255-wed-by-bjorling Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography 728-Bjorling-photography Blog-475-louisebjorling Louise Bjorling wedding photography Blog-410-louisebjorling best-wedding-photography-london-2012 together-2 Blog-044-louisebjorling Blog-052-louisebjorling Blog-063-louisebjorling 043-Bjorling-photography Blog-039-louisebjorling Blog-147-louisebjorling Blog-050-Bjorling-photography Blog-120-Bjorling-photography Blog-128-Bjorling-photography Blog-072-Bjorling-photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Blog-wedding-Bjorling-photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography 1004-Bjorling-Photography together-3 502-Bjorling-photography together-6 Blog-059-bjorling-photography together-11 193-bjorling-photography-sRGB 075-wed-by-bjorling Blog-217-bjorling-photography Blog-226-bjorling-photography Blog-003cr-bjorling-photography Blog-184-louisebjorling Blog-090-bjorling-photography Blog-037-bjorling-photography favorite-wedding-photographs-2012 favorite-wedding-photographs-2012 together-4 Louise Bjorling wedding photography 335-Bjorling-photography Blog-159-bjorling-photography Blog-166-Louise-Bjorling Blog-246-bjorling-photography Blog-337-Bjorling-photography together-5 Blog-219-Bjorling-photography together-7 Blog-039-Bjorling-photography together-8 848-Bjorling-photography Blog-392-louise-bjorling Blog-330-louise-bjorling Blog-332-louise-bjorling Untitled-1 Louise Bjorling wedding photography 646-Bjorling-photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography First-dance-Christchurch-london 987-Bjorling-photography Blog-800cr-louisebjorling Blog-897-Bjorling-photography Blog-906-Bjorling-photography Blog-907-Bjorling-photography 982-wed-by-bjorling 1098-Bjorling-Photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography 739-Bjorling-photography 806-Bjorling-photography 858-Bjorling-photography 676-Bjorling-photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography 917-wed-by-bjorling 813-wed-by-bjorling 825-wed-by-bjorling Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography together-9 929-Bjorling-photography 107-Bjorling-photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography together-10 Blog-498-Bjorling-photography 176-wed-by-bjorling Blog-764-louisebjorling Blog-1009-Bjorling-photography Blog-1013-Bjorling-photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Blog-493-louisebjorling Louise Bjorling wedding photography Blog-236-Louise-Bjorling Blog-240-bjorling-photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography 280cr-wed-by-bjorling 381cr-Bjorling-photography Blog-853-Bjorling-photography

Congratulations to all of you lovelies who got married in 2012!

And congratulations to all of you who are now engaged and still have the big day to look forward to:)


The full day photo story collection just got even better…

It’s been an amazing 2012. I’ve had the chance to meet some lovely people, I’ve heard some fantastic wedding plans – and all the beautiful weddings that I’ve had the opportunity to shoot. It’s important to me that I deliver only the best for my clients. So I’ve been researching and thinking, listening and considering. And here is the result! Here are a few new fab goodies – now included in the Full day photo story collection


– FULL DAY PHOTO STORY. When I say full day I mean full day. I would really like to be the photographer not looking at the clock and say: “Sorry, I’m gonna have to give your first dance a miss, it’s all running a bit late and my time is up…” Nope, I want to be there in good time in the morning to capture your bridal party get together with the excitement in the air, I want to be there all day for you and stay until after the first dance – and longer if I feel that there are more amazing shots waiting to be captured. So with the Full day photo story package, I am now staying til I’ve got all the awesome shots that we want from your day. Of course, for couples who want to book a shorter time than this, an hourly ‘A la Carte is still available. (Please double check if you are getting married on a weekend)

– ONLINE PASSWORD PROTECTED GALLERY WITH ORDERING FACILITIES. Your included password protected online gallery is now more than just an online slide show!

  • Now your family and guests may also order a range of products from your wedding images! I have ploughed my way to find superb, high quality products and am now offering canvases, wall art, coffee cups and…. you name it… as well as high quality prints and small 4 x 6.;). All you need really is a Paypal account and a few clicks on the button! ( Bride and groom can still print the images from their supplied high resolution files as well of course – although it might not be the same professional printing quality, depending on what lab is used. )
  • Your images can now also be seen as a full screen slide show, and your guests can leave their personal comments for you! Please click on these slide shows that pops up in a new window, to see some samples from the new password protected galleries… ↓

6 images

8 images

Face-book-photographerA FACE BOOK POSTING! Are you a face booker? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could just tag your self in images and so have your images showing up on your own FB page, without having to actually upload all the images? Now, I’m providing this service totally complementary! A few of your best shots, in your own Face book posting.

THE COMPLEMENTARY PRE WEDDING PORTRAIT SESSION is still (nearly) complementary for all full day wedding bookings! This one is a keeper from last season’s package – for just an added £50 this session (valued at £350) is all yours!

A pre- session means that you will be more relaxed with the camera around on your actual wedding day.
I will know you better and have an understanding of how to best photograph you.
And it will give me as well as you a chance to know in advance, what sort of shots you want to have on your day.
… And of course, by the end of it, you will have more photographs! ↓

PART 2, Defining THE EDITORIAL STYLE: Editorial style wedding photography vs Photojournalist / Reportage style wedding photography

Dear readers, brides & grooms,

Yes it’s definitely time for a follow up to my article on Photojournalist style wedding photography

Apologies, it’s taken ages – last few weeks have been mega hectic, and of course photography always comes first!

So, it’s time I talk a bit about editorial style wedding photography. If you haven’t already read my blog article on reportage style wedding photography,

just press on the link below to read about the reportage style first:

Part 1 defining the reportage / photojournalist / documentary style wedding photography

editorial-wedding-photography, editorial-wedding-photographer-london editorial-photojournalist-wedding-photography-londonNow, imagine that you’re flicking through a fashion magazine. The magazine consists of lots of different articles, advertising images etc, and then you come across something that looks like a story in images. It might be 3, 4, 7 something pages of images that all belong together. You can clearly tell that one photographer shot a series of images – the model is the same, or the tone is the same, and more importantly it seems to be an event that appears: as if the images are telling a story. Perhaps it is a couple on a beach – in one shot walking across the sand, in another dipping their toes in the water, in yet another sitting down on rocks smiling at each other. Very likely, they’re not facing the camera in most of the images (although they might) – so it looks like something that actually happened. But you know that really, it didn’t. Just outside the frame on the left, you’ll probably find a gum – shewing assistant, holding up a fill in flash to recreate that amazing light falling across the couple’s faces. And the couple is carefully directed by the photographer, for him/her to be able to capture the correct expressions. It’s a story of images selling you an idea and putting you in to a certain mood. This is a fashion editorial. The creation of a story that draws the reader in and makes the reader want to be in that situation. Here is where the editorial wedding photography style was born. The main goal for an editorial wedding photographer, is not just to capture events as they happen. It is more about telling the story – weaving together elements, creating compositions and bringing out the beauty and look about you and your day.

Key elements for editorial wedding photography

  • An editorial photographer tends to always think creatively. A reportage style photographer can be more passive and just capture the shots as they appear. (Although good reportage style photographers are very aware and creative in their use of light and composition etc)
  • In editorial photography it doesn’t need to be about the one amazing image that tells a whole story on its own: While it is in the essence for reportage style photography to capture that one image that is outstanding, a capturing of a decisive moment – the editorial photographer might capture that moment with several images from different angles – a bit like a storyboard.
  • An editorial photographer might also look for themes throughout your wedding day: it can be themes in colours, spatial elements, etc, which will add to the atmosphere or story about your day.
  • An editorial photographer keeps very up to date with fashion magazines and editorials in wedding magazines to get inspiration for their photography.
  • An editorial photographer has to be a bit of a stylist and a photographer all in one: Seeing how to best use locations, how to best hang things and place things to get certain compositions, what sort of backdrops and expressions go best with a couple’s personality and style of wedding day, etc
  • An editorial photographer is more noticeable on your wedding day. An editorial photographer will not totally melt in to the background on your day as much as a reportage style photographer: An editorial photographer will very possibly suggest things: such as where the light is best in the room for your “getting ready images”, what time in the day is best for portraits, occasionally direct you in to poses, etc. So this is something to be aware of when booking your photographer. (Of course things are within reason! No photographer is going to interrupt a ceremony! At least I hope not…)
  • It is probably even more important for an editorial photographer to make pre- visits to your venues and communicate with you before your wedding day. The planning process is very important not only to see the lighting conditions, but also in order to see the themes and get an idea about how to capture the story about your day and make the images personal to you.
  • Editorial posed photography does not mean cheesy posed photography. There are many ways and styles for posing people. You can be posed without looking posed at all.
  • Editorial style photography can come in very varied styles since photographers find their inspiration from many different mediums: current trends in fashion photography, different styles of post production techniques, art photography, contemporary portrait photography, graphic design ideas, film – styles (cinematography) and from the particular theme/style/look of your wedding day. With so many different sources for influences, the styles between different photographers can vary quite a lot.
  • In photojournalist/reportage style photography the main focus is on capturing a moment as it happens. While an editorial image doesn’t have to have these boundaries: It can be a created/staged situation in the images. But both styles have as a goal to tell the story about your day – it just does it with different means and the images you keep from your day will look different.



“Reportage style” is similar to Photojournalism, but have the connotations of being even less creative and more strictly objective.


Have a look through the gallery below, to get more an idea of what Editorial images might look like. Many images probably comes across as reportage, although they’re not! They’ve just adopted that kind of look on the shooting stage…

Thank you for stopping by and have a read! I just want to point out that the words in this article are my own, influenced from analyzing different photographer’s styles and different trends in wedding photography at the moment. The aim for this article is to work as a “translator” for brides and grooms planning their wedding day, to hopefully help them when picking the style of photography they want for their day!

Don’t forget that this is chapter 2 to my article on reportage style photography!

To go back to chapter 1, please follow this link: Part 1 defining the photojournalist / reportage / documentary style