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I love the yearly shoot with this family. It was the third time that I got to go to South London just when the leaves are turning in to all the colours of autumn, for a shoot with this family. Usually the shoot centers around their boy, who I’ve seen growing up from being a toddler in to a school boy, through the lenses of my camera. And he’s always venturing and exploring – this year he was making apple juice (and it tasted amazing), baking cookies, and sweeping around the Common down in Wimbledon, dressed in his Captain America jacket. But something extra special had happened just in time for the shoot this year… The family had just had a little girl!

south-london-photographer family-lifestyle-shoots-london south-london-photographer documentary-portrait-photographer-london documentary-portrait-photographer-london-bjorling south-london-photographer-016 baby-photographer-london south-london-photographer-116 documentary-portrait-photographer-london-bjorling south-london-photographer-119 south-london-photographer-118 documentary-portrait-shoot-london-bjorling south-london-photographer-127 lifestyle-portrait-shoot-wimbledon south-london-photographer-020 family-shoots-wimbledon south-london-photographer-025 south-london-photographer-027 south-london-photographer-026 south-london-photographer-029 south-london-photographer-053 south-london-photographer south-london-photographer family-lifestyle-shoots-london south-london-photographer south-london-photographer-044 children-portraits-london south-london-photographer south-london-photographer south-london-photographer south-london-photographer south-london-photographer-074 south-london-photographer south-london-photographer south-london-photographer south-london-photographer-087 south-london-photographer-095 south-london-photographer-097 south-london-photographer-072

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Gustav is the cutest of whirlwinds. It was real nice to see him again – the toddler has turned into a little school boy since our last shoot, and is as full of adventures as ever! Here are some favorites from our shoot the other weekend…

london-portrait-photographer-bjorling london-portrait-photographer-bjorling london-portrait-photographer-bjorling-37 london-portrait-photographer-bjorling-57


A recent toddler portrait session by kids portrait photographer South London…

Here comes a real little wild bunch…. Gustav – On a beautiful autumn day, when he was preparing for Halloween, playing with his favorite toys and the cat Sotis, had a second tattoo done – and practicing to be the next Wimbledon star. A truly charming little million miles an hour ;)….