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A recent toddler portrait session by kids portrait photographer South London…

Here comes a real little wild bunch…. Gustav – On a beautiful autumn day, when he was preparing for Halloween, playing with his favorite toys and the cat Sotis, had a second tattoo done – and practicing to be the next Wimbledon star. A truly charming little million miles an hour ;)….

A portrait shoot after the wedding day, in a forest of autumn colours – featuring tilt/shift shots, balloons and two lovely newly weds from North East London

Yeah I know, post wedding portrait sessions are traditionally known as Treasure the dress sessions (or “trash the dress”) – but really now, if no one is wearing a dress then? So I’ve just invented a new expression, “Treasure the tie session. 😉 (Treasure the buttonhole session would probably also work, but it’s a bit long hey.)

I really, really love spring and autumn – those are the number ones on my season favorite list. Most people will probably say that summer is their favorite. But no, you won’t spot me stretching out on the beach (- I would just be too aware of how pale I am with only a slight chance to maybe go pink, or perhaps it’s because it’s the wedding season, and you will find me behind the camera or in front of the computer with my icecream!)

But I will be walking through the park displaying a big grin just as all the flowers come alive in all the rainbow’s colour, or when all the leaves are turning in to different shades of gold. I just love all the colours, the wild weather and the low, dramatic sky light of spring and autumn.

Therefore, I am so glad that the opportunity came about, for us to do this post wedding portrait session in the beautiful autumn paradise. 😉 I met with James and JC, looking exactly as they did on their wedding day – even bringing their wedding balloons (!) along. We met at their local church: St Peters in the forest, Walthamstow, and we took it all from there – with the backdrop of the stunning woods that is located behind the church….

(spot the leaping cutie! ↑)

Click to see James’ and JC’s wedding photography at RS Lounge

JC and JB’s wedding shoot in Kent – pre wedding portraits at Bayham Old Abbey

I made an awesome field trip to Kent with J.C and J.B, for their engagement portraits! I love when people choose special places for their pre wedding shoot!

Juanito and James certainly had something in store for me for their engagement shoot… they took me on a tripp to the tucked away ruins of Bayham Old Abbey in Kent – and when I say tucked away, I mean tucked away – lost on the country roads of Kent, we started to beleive that perhaps the old ruins where just a myth. But when we finally found them on the border of Kent and East Sussex, we could clearly see what a great idea it was to come here for their pre wedding portraits! The ruins in a gorgeous sunshine proved to be a really, really lovely backdrop. The choice really suited James and Juanito’s personalities as well – both proud English Herritage members and with a shared interest for history. Looking forward to their big day… which is happening already in a week’s time!

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Bayham Old Abbey is said to be haunted by ghosts… of course! So we found this part of the ruin where a peculiar tree was growing out of the wall and which had some sort of altar infront of it. We decided that this would be the perfect place for a “being-scared-of-the-haunting-munks-shot”.

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wedding-photographer-kentwedding photographer bayham old abbey

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At our pre wedding meeting I had suggested to bring a couple of choices for clothes to their portrait session, and that perhaps one of the outfits could be a little bit funny and silly – so seeing the superman t – shirts come out, made me smile…



Looking forward to your wedding day guys… at the funky RS lounge!