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A fantastic Sunday – starting with a pre wedding catch up meeting, which was really inspiring. I loved hearing the ideas, and see the home made decor for this cozy countryside wedding.  And now I can’t wait to capture the wedding day of this gorgeous couple!

In the run up for the actual day, we headed out for an engagement portrait shoot in spring’s all shades of green around Oxon Hoath, a beautiful venue in a beautiful part of Kent’s Garden of England.

As an added bonus, we also made acquaintance with a group of cute cows. They’re funny little creatures aren’t they – and they’re quite some posers lol…

So nice to see you again guys, can’t wait for the wedding!

engagement-shoots-london kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer engagement-photography-kent engagement-photographer-kent-bjorling contmporary-wedding-portraits-kent  kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer engagement-shoots-london engagement-photographer-kent engagement-photographer-kent kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer countryside-engagement-shoot-uk kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer-49 kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer  kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer engagement-shoot-silhouette-shot-bjorling kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer kent-contemporary-wedding-photographe kent-contemporary-wedding-photographe kent-contemporary-wedding-photographe Oxton-hoath-wedding-photographer kent-contemporary-wedding-photographer

On a day when most of London stayed indoors, tucked up in blankets and drinking hot tea, I met up with Natalie and Josef – catching up on the latest exciting news about their wedding, followed by an urban engagement shoot in the freezing cold. Brave people I’d tell ya! The gorgeous morning sunshine, had turned in to storm and a drizzle of rain by the time the camera came out. But we found just the perfect location for a “day like this”. After some shots at Leadenhall market, we found our way to some quirky and tucked away ruins in a small London City park…


quirky-wedding-photography-london quirky-wedding-photography-london wedding-photographer-london-city saint-dunstan-london-wedding-portraits quirky-wedding-photography-london modern-wedding-photographer-london-city st-dunstans-london-church st-dunstans-london-church quirky-wedding-photography-london quirky-wedding-portraits-london-photographer-louise-bjorling modern-quirky-wedding-photographer-london-city modern-engagement-portraits-london modern-wedding-photographer-london-city quirky-wedding-photographer-london modern-wedding-photographer-london contemporary-wedding-photographer-london-city contemporary-wedding-photography-london quirky-wedding-photography-londonThank you guys for having me – really looking forward to that certain day in April!

Gustav is the cutest of whirlwinds. It was real nice to see him again – the toddler has turned into a little school boy since our last shoot, and is as full of adventures as ever! Here are some favorites from our shoot the other weekend…

london-portrait-photographer-bjorling london-portrait-photographer-bjorling london-portrait-photographer-bjorling-37 london-portrait-photographer-bjorling-57