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Wedding photography with bridal preparations, a Wandsworth Town Hall ceremony and an editorial portrait session in Wandsworth Park – Selina and Terence Part 1 ♥♥

I was so ready for this day, which started in Balham and carried on to Wandsworth Town Hall and ended with an amazing Banquet evening at China Boulevard. I was really looking forward to capture images at so many different locations. And having had a pre- wedding shoot with Selina and Terence earlier in the summer, I really felt that they could relax with my camera around them.

Selina looked so beautiful in a natural make up. And her traditional wedding dress to be worn for the first part of their day at Wandsworth registry office, was a really stunning piece sporting a lace that added a bit of vintage flair to it.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the first part of their day, with wedding photography from Wandsworth Town Hall and a wedding portrait session in Wandsworth Park….

bridal-preparations-wedding-photographer-south-london bridal-preparations-wedding-photographer-south-london bridal-preparations-wedding-photographer-south-london wandsworth-wedding-3 023-wed-by-bjorling bridal-preparations-wedding-photographer-south-london bridal-preparations-wedding-photographer-south-london 009-wed-by-bjorling 012-wed-by-bjorling 055-wed-by-bjorling wedding photographer wandsworth wedding photographer wandsworth wedding photographer wandsworth 070-wed-by-bjorling wedding photographer wandsworth 080-wed-by-bjorling wedding-photographer-wandsworth 090-wed-by-bjorling 105-wed-by-bjorling 115-wed-by-bjorling 119-wed-by-bjorling wandsworth-registry-office 124-wed-by-bjorling wandsworth-registry-office wandsworth-town-hall 139-wed-by-bjorling wandsworth-registry-office creative-wedding-photography-wandsworth 163-wed-by-bjorling 170-wed-by-bjorling creative-wedding-photography-wandsworth wedding-photography-Wandsworth-town-hall wedding-photography-Wandsworth-town-hall wedding-photography-Wandsworth-town-hall wedding-photography-Wandsworth-town-hall wedding-photography-Wandsworth-town-hall contemporary-wedding-portraits-wansworth contemporary-wedding-portraits-wansworth 221-wed-by-bjorling contemporary-wedding-portraits-wansworth Wandsworth-portraits-1 editorial-wedding-photography-wandsworth 238-wed-by-bjorling editorial-wedding-photography-wandsworth editorial-wedding-photography-wandsworth editorial-wedding-portraits-south-london editorial-wedding-portraits-south-london wedding photographer wandsworth editorial-wedding-portraits-south-london 260-wed-by-bjorling

Check out the sky… a warning for what is about to happen on this beautiful end of summer day…

270-wed-by-bjorling creative-wedding-photography-wandsworth 261-wed-by-bjorling 265-wed-by-bjorling creative-wedding-photography-wandsworth creative-wedding-photography-wandsworth

Congratulations Selina & Terence!

The second part of their day is also up! Click here for their Tea ceremony and Banquet at China Boulevard…


Makeup by Monica Mao

Wedding ceremony at Wandsworth Town Hall

Portrait location: Wandsworth Park

Pink is pretty – Wedding photography North London and Marriott Hotel Maida Vale, with pink as colour theme 

Last year, I was lucky to photograph the beautiful sister of this groom, as she married her man in South London. And a couple of weekends ago I got to photograph her brother and his beautiful wife, as they where tying the knot in North London.

And this was a very special event for me as well – it was my first wedding a’ la Iraqi style.;)It was also a first to work together with Alan Howden, as a second photographer during speeches and celebrations of the groom, which went really well.

Most of the celebrations will not be shown here, due to the traditions of the bride and groom – I can assure you however, that they where rocking the mosque!

So here it is: A pink – themed wedding with lots of nice details, and their Rukhsati, with Imran whisking Ayat off to Marriott Hotel in Maida Vale, before leaving straight for their honeymoon! (So romantic, just as it should be…)

wedding-flowers-photography muslim-wedding-photography-london-13 muslim-wedding-photography-london-15 muslim-wedding-photography-london muslim-wedding-photography-london-21 muslim-bridal-photography photography-wedding-jewellery muslim-bridal-photography wedding-dress-photographer-london al-khoei-foundation-london al-khoei-foundation-london wedding-decor-photography wedding-decor-photography wedding-cake-photography wedding-cake-photography 780-bjorling-photography wedding-details-photography al-khoei-foundation-north-london pink-centre-piece-wedding muslim-wedding-photographer bjorling-photography muslim-wedding-photographer-london bjorling-photography bjorling-photography bjorling-photography bjorling-photography rukhsati-photography-london bjorling-photography rukhsati-wedding-photographer marriott-hotel-maidavale marriott-hotel-maidavale 884-bjorling-photography 897-bjorling-photography rukhsati-photography-london rukhsati-photography-london Marriott-hotel-wedding 906-bjorling-photography

Congratulations Imran & Ayat!



Marriott Hotel Maida Vale

Make up and hair by Huda Beautician

(Al Noor pharmacy, Knightsbridge)

Valentine romance! Wedding photography from Kingston registry office and Kingston Lodge Hotel

How romantic. A day-after-Valentine- wedding! There is no way that these two will ever forget which day was their wedding day.;)

I started the day with bridal photography of Agnes as she got in to her absolutely stunning dress at the Kingston Lodge Hotel. We then headed for the Kingston registry office, where a fairly chilled out groom was waiting. The ceremony was followed by champagne in the atmospheric Hotel lounge and a reception in one of their function rooms. I shot most of Agnes and Phill’s editorial portrait session in the Hotel’s little courtyard – a quite versatile location for portrait shots I must say! And Phill and Agnes where so natural and relaxed to photograph! Here are a few of my favs from their extra special Valentines…

valentine-hearts-photography wedding dress photography Louise-B-wedding-photography bridal photography Kingston Lodge Hotel Louise Bjorling wedding photography Brook Kingston Lodge Hotel photography wedding photographer Kingston wedding photographer Kingston wedding photographers Kingston kingston wedding photographer wedding photographer south london bridal-photography-london wedding photographer south london wedding photographer south london london wedding photographer london wedding photographer london wedding photographer london wedding photographer london wedding photographer kingston registry office wedding kingston registry office wedding kingston registry office wedding kingston registry office ceremony kingston registry office ceremony kingston registry office ceremony kingston registry office photography kingston registry office photography kingston register office photography kingston register office wedding-photographers-south london wedding-photographers-south-london wedding-photographers-south-london wedding-photographers-wandsworth wedding-photographer-wandsworth wedding-photographers-south-london kingston-wedding-photographer kingston-wedding-photographer kingston-lodge-photography kingston-lodge-garden kingston-lodge-wedding kingston-lodge-wedding kingston-lodge-wedding bridal-photography-london bridal-photography-london kingston-lodge-hotel kingston-lodge-hotel kingston-lodge-hotel Louise Bjorling wedding photography kingston-lodge-hotel Louise Bjorling wedding photography wedding-photographers-south-london kingston-lodge-1 kingston-lodge-3 kingston-lodge-2 Louise Bjorling wedding photography wedding-reception-kingston kingston-lodge Louise Bjorling wedding photography wedding-photography-london Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Valentine wedding

Congratulations Agnes & Phill!!