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Video interview with UK wedding of the year photographer for the Wedding WOTY … hm that’s me 😉


Does anyone else find it a bit scary to see yourself on camera? Well I do… 🙂

But it was so amazing to be selected by the magazine Wedding to be their UK wedding of the year photographer, so of course I just have to upload this interview, made in association with the competition.

I had the absolute crazy amazing privilege of being selected by the magazine, to shoot lovely Nuala and Adrian’s “Woodland wonderland” themed wedding as they won UK wedding of the year for 2015. (Yes no joke) Our “pre-wedding meet up” fell on a day when I was absolutely distraught – having had all my photography equipment just stolen the day before during a burglary, then driven for several hours to get to the beautiful Notley Abbey Venue on almost no sleep at all… But as I arrived I was greeted by the super happy couple who had just won a whopping £25’000 to spend on their wedding day, and lots of creative and talented suppliers that where to be involved for their wedding. Suddenly all my worries where just as blown away. (And not to worry about the equipment, it turned out that my insurance company would be very fair indeed, and I now have new and even better equipment 🙂 )

What I didn’t know however, was that I was about to be interviewed on the spot… so I had to muster quite a bit of concentration in my sleepless head… and here is the result of that interview (!)
(Just click on the picture to see the whole interview – I will start talking around 4:50 minutes)




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Wedding photography London & beyond – a preview of recent weddings and bridal shoots around UK

It is time to wrap up a fantastic 2015 today. And I thought I should wrap up this year, with a proper preview of a few things that I’ve been up to this autumn. It has been a busy few months… with as vivid and interesting work as a super pretty, elegant 1920’s wedding (think Gatsby!) at the Landsdowne Club in Mayfair, cozy countryside weddings around Surrey and Kent… featuring high tea reception and a purple wedding dress… the winning wedding for the “UK wedding of the year competition” held by the National magazine Wedding (an atmospheric woodland wonderland wedding in Buckinghamshire!), then off to shoot for the big yearly autumn bridal fashion show at Manchester Events City (- And in between, I’ve been over in Sweden to set up my second office and Swedish web site, and up above London on top of rooftops and cherry pickers, to shoot a London in expansion for my architecture clients. On a personal level, I’ve also been training and studying for my yoga instruction certificate, which I will acquire in Goa next month (!)

I know, I have fallen off the blogosphere radar a bit this autumn. When I blog a wedding, I want to set aside a full 2 days for it to make a thought through post, and to select the best shots of about a thousand – I want to really tell the story of the day the best I can… and I just haven’t had the time this autumn  😉

But today on this last day of 2015, I am making up for it, with a blog post containing a preview from a few of the different things that I’ve been up to these last few months. (Accompanied by som lovely commentary from my clients.) I’m lucky to have had such wonderful clients this year, thank you to you all. And thank you yet again to my lovely assistant Michelle for your hard work this year, you’ve been awesome as always!

See you all in 2016, for some reason, it feels like it’s gonna be a really good year in the world!   xoxoxo Louise

elegant-vintage-wedding 1920-theme-wedding-photography 1920-theme-wedding-photography-Bjorling 1920-theme-wedding-photography 1920-theme-wedding-photography-Bjorling 1920-theme-wedding-photography-Bjorling gatsby-theme-wedding bridesmaids-shoot-vintage 1920-theme-wedding-photography elegant-wedding-photography-London 1920-theme-wedding-photography wedding-1920-theme 1920-theme-wedding-photography-Bjorling 1920-theme-wedding-photography 1920-theme-wedding-photography-Bjorling-80 1920-theme-wedding mayfair-wedding-photography mayfair-wedding-photography gatsby-theme-wedding 1920-style-wedding-photographer gatsby-style-wedding-photographer Quote-gatsby-theme-wedding wedding-photographer-london wedding-photographer-london wedding-photographer-london modern-bridal-photography-london wedding-photography-London wedding-photography-London kent-wedding-photographer wedding-photography-London natural-wedding-portraits wedding-photography-London-L-Bjorling-43 wedding-photographer-Kent creative-wedding-photography natural-wedding-portraits wedding-photography-London contemporary-wedding wedding-photography-London wedding-photography-London wedding-photographer-kent romantic-wedding-photography English-high-tea-wedding-quote Bridal-fashion-photographer-London wedding-fashion-photographer-London wedding-fashion-photographer-London wedding-fashion-photographer-London Louise-Bjorling-bridal-fashion-2 Louise-Bjorling-bridal-fashion Bridal-fashion-photographer-London wedding-fashion-photographer-London wedding-fashion-photographer-London Louise-Bjorling-bridal-fashion-1 wedding-fashion-photographer-London fashion-photographer-Bjorling Wedding-fashion-photography-Bjorling wedding-fashion-photographer-London-31 wedding-fashion-photographer-London wedding-fashion-photographer-London wedding-fashion-photographer-London Bridal-fashion-photographer-London Bridal-fashion-photography-manchester-quote purple-wedding-dress Surrey-wedding-photographer-06 romantic-wedding-portraits-bjorling Wedding-Hartsfield-Manor Surrey-wedding-photographer modern-wedding-portraits Surrey-wedding-photographer-10 purple-theme-wedding-quote london-wedding-of-the-year wedding-photographer-london london-wedding-of-the-year wedding-photographer-london london-wedding-of-the-year london-wedding-of-the-year magazine-wedding-woty UK-wedding-of-the-year london-wedding-of-the-year london-wedding-of-the-year london-wedding-of-the-year london-wedding-of-the-year UK-wedding-of-the-year wedding-photographer-london bride-of-the-year london-wedding-of-the-year-164 Louise-Bjorling UK-wedding-photographer-Bjorling london-wedding-of-the-year-241 louise-bjorling-photography london-wedding-of-the-year london-wedding-of-the-year london-wedding-of-the-year wedding-photographer-london london-wedding-of-the-year-311 woodland-wedding-Bjorling london-wedding-of-the-year-256 woodland-theme-wedding london-wedding-of-the-year-265 just-married-bags sparkler-wedding-portrait woodland-wonderland-theme-quote

Have an awesome New Years Eve party everyone, and an amazing 2016!

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wedding-photographer-london-landmark-hotelThere are so many things to appreciate as a wedding photographer. It’s a real privilege to spend a whole day capturing images that tell a story, to be part of somebody’s best day in their lives, to be surrounded by all the happiness and emotions, by the beauty and atmosphere, and to have a whole day of being creative and nervously kept on your toes, and feeling those gushes of that special yihaa feeling, when you’ve really nailed a shot.
But above all these things making it so special to be a wedding photographer, must be the opportunity to see strong love, and to hear the stories of how people have overcome and succeeded great obstacles together.
Julia and Marco’s wedding day, made me feel just that. I felt like a tingle in my stomach from seeing how strong these two people’s love is for one and other. And perhaps it is  strong love, that has taken them through the obstacles they’ve been facing – and finally let their highest wish come true.

Julia and Marco celebrated their amazing day at the stunning and modern Landmark Hotel in London, surrounded by all their close family and some “Italian style amount” of dinner courses. While the rest of the world where glued to TV screens for the tennis in Wimbledon, England and Italy where both winners in a completely different game entirely, somewhere high up above London, in the tower of Landmark Hotel 😉

bridal-photography-london bridal-photography-london wedding-reception-landmark london-wedding-photographer-landmark bridal-photography-london contemporary-bridal-photographer-london bridal-photography-london

I love it when those childhood soft toys come out on the wedding day… particularly when they get dressed up in wedding attire 🙂 . Marco’s creative niece made the outfit for little Muchoo!

bridal-photography-london documentary-portrait-photographer-london bridal-photographer-london bridal-photography-london bridal-photography-london-128b modern-bridal-photographer-london bridal-photography-london-104 bridal-photography-london-130 bridal-photography-londonMarco himsel made the cake topper! ↑

modern-bridal-photographer-london modern-bridal-photography-london-4 modern-bridal-photography-london Documentary-bridal-photography-london bridal-photography-london-184 bridal-photography-london-191 modern-bridal-photography-london modern-bridal-photographer-london modern-bridal-photographer-london documentary-wedding-portraits-london Documentary-wedding-landmark-hotel wedding-photography-landmark wedding-ceremony-landmark-hotel wedding-photography-landmark ceremony-landmark-hotel wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-ceremony-landmark-hotel wedding-photography-landmark-78 wedding-photography-landmark-81 wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark-120 landmark-wedding wedding-ceremony-landmark-hotel wedding-photography-landmark-130 photojournalist-wedding-photography-landmark photojournalist-wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photojournalism-09 family-portrait-wedding-london wedding-photojournalism photojournalist-wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photojournalism contemporary-wedding-photography family-portraits-wedding-london contemporary-wedding-photography-17 wedding-family-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel modern-wedding-portraits-london wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-reception-details-landmark wedding-reception-details-landmark wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel modern-photographer-landmark wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-reception-details-photography wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel-104 wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-reception-details-photography wedding-reception-landmark-22 photojournalist-wedding-photography-london photojournalist-wedding-photography-london wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark-111 photojournalist-wedding-photography-london photojournalist-wedding-photography-london wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark-118 wedding-reception-landmark-117 photojournalist-wedding-photography-london-5 wedding-reception-landmark-145 Documentary-bridal-photography-london Documentary-wedding-photographer-london Documentary-wedding-photographer-london-12 Documentary-bridal-photography-london Documentary-wedding-photographer-london Documentary-wedding-photographer-london Documentary-wedding-photographer-london landmark-hotel-wedding-photography wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-atria wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel contemporary-wedding-photography-central-london wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel

Congratulations to Julia & Marco… and to little number 3!

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