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Wedding photography with bridal preparations, a Wandsworth Town Hall ceremony and an editorial portrait session in Wandsworth Park – Selina and Terence Part 1 ♥♥

I was so ready for this day, which started in Balham and carried on to Wandsworth Town Hall and ended with an amazing Banquet evening at China Boulevard. I was really looking forward to capture images at so many different locations. And having had a pre- wedding shoot with Selina and Terence earlier in the summer, I really felt that they could relax with my camera around them.

Selina looked so beautiful in a natural make up. And her traditional wedding dress to be worn for the first part of their day at Wandsworth registry office, was a really stunning piece sporting a lace that added a bit of vintage flair to it.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the first part of their day, with wedding photography from Wandsworth Town Hall and a wedding portrait session in Wandsworth Park….

bridal-preparations-wedding-photographer-south-london bridal-preparations-wedding-photographer-south-london bridal-preparations-wedding-photographer-south-london wandsworth-wedding-3 023-wed-by-bjorling bridal-preparations-wedding-photographer-south-london bridal-preparations-wedding-photographer-south-london 009-wed-by-bjorling 012-wed-by-bjorling 055-wed-by-bjorling wedding photographer wandsworth wedding photographer wandsworth wedding photographer wandsworth 070-wed-by-bjorling wedding photographer wandsworth 080-wed-by-bjorling wedding-photographer-wandsworth 090-wed-by-bjorling 105-wed-by-bjorling 115-wed-by-bjorling 119-wed-by-bjorling wandsworth-registry-office 124-wed-by-bjorling wandsworth-registry-office wandsworth-town-hall 139-wed-by-bjorling wandsworth-registry-office creative-wedding-photography-wandsworth 163-wed-by-bjorling 170-wed-by-bjorling creative-wedding-photography-wandsworth wedding-photography-Wandsworth-town-hall wedding-photography-Wandsworth-town-hall wedding-photography-Wandsworth-town-hall wedding-photography-Wandsworth-town-hall wedding-photography-Wandsworth-town-hall contemporary-wedding-portraits-wansworth contemporary-wedding-portraits-wansworth 221-wed-by-bjorling contemporary-wedding-portraits-wansworth Wandsworth-portraits-1 editorial-wedding-photography-wandsworth 238-wed-by-bjorling editorial-wedding-photography-wandsworth editorial-wedding-photography-wandsworth editorial-wedding-portraits-south-london editorial-wedding-portraits-south-london wedding photographer wandsworth editorial-wedding-portraits-south-london 260-wed-by-bjorling

Check out the sky… a warning for what is about to happen on this beautiful end of summer day…

270-wed-by-bjorling creative-wedding-photography-wandsworth 261-wed-by-bjorling 265-wed-by-bjorling creative-wedding-photography-wandsworth creative-wedding-photography-wandsworth

Congratulations Selina & Terence!

The second part of their day is also up! Click here for their Tea ceremony and Banquet at China Boulevard…


Makeup by Monica Mao

Wedding ceremony at Wandsworth Town Hall

Portrait location: Wandsworth Park

Wedding photography Clapham South London – a beautiful summer wedding…

The other weekend I did something unusual. I put my huge backpack on my back and walked down the road to photograph a wedding! Ok I admit it – I did take the bus for a couple of stops… didn’t want to break my back lol . But it did feel a bit extra special to photograph my first wedding here in Clapham. And I never knew that we had such a beautiful church just opposite Sainsbury’s car park.;)(Unfortunately the top of it was under construction.) Here it is, a beautiful summer’s wedding at St Mary’s church just off Clapham Common High Street….

st-marys-church-clapham-common wedding-photographer-clapham wedding-photographer-clapham wedding-photographer-clapham wedding-photographer-clapham st-marys-church-clapham-common st-marys-church-clapham-common 037-bjorling-photography 039-bjorling-photography 078-bjorling-photography 084-bjorling-photography 089-bjorling-photography wedding-photographer-south-london wedding-photographer-south-london 097-bjorling-photography 116-bjorling-photography 121-bjorling-photography 131-bjorling-photography 130-bjorling-photography 148-bjorling-photography 146-bjorling-photography 143-bjorling-photography 150-bjorling-photography 154-bjorling-photography 159-bjorling-photography wedding photographer clapham junction wedding photographer clapham junction 182-bjorling-photography 183-bjorling-photography 189-bjorling-photography

I don’t even know where they came from! I looked up from the Spiderman- magazine and there they where. For a second I thought they had fallen out from the magazine;). In reality, they had something to do with the Olympics. An usher found them and got them to come with him!

wedding-photography-olympic-costume 194-bjorling-photography 204-bjorling-photography wedding-portraits-south-london wedding-portraits-south-london london-contemporary-photographer-1 252-bjorling-photography clapham-wedding-1 226-bjorling-photography wedding-photographer-Battersea natural-wedding-portraits-london natural-wedding-portraits-london natural-wedding-portraits-london 244cr-bjorling-photography 245-bjorling-photography clapham-wedding-2 251-bjorling-photography 265-bjorling-photography-sRGB wedding-photographer-clapham-4 346-bjorling-photography-sRGB 396-bjorling-photography-sRGB 366-bjorling-photography-sRGB 306-bjorling-photography-sRGB 401-bjorling-photography-sRGB 415-bjorling-photography-sRGB wedding-reception-photography-clapham wedding-reception-photography-clapham wedding-reception-photography-clapham 429-bjorling-photography-sRGB 471-bjorling-photography-sRGB 441-bjorling-photography-sRGB 451-bjorling-photography-sRGB 453-bjorling-photography-sRGB 460-bjorling-photography-sRGB 462-bjorling-photography 497-bjorling-photography-sRGB 504-bjorling-photography-sRGB wedding-photographer-clapham-6 wedding-photographer-clapham-5


Contemporary wedding photography from the Old Whitgift venue in South London – with an English Fetes theme – beauty, quirk, top hat and a bit of Medieval…

What a beautiful day, what a beautiful couple. And their stunning locations with a bit of quirk to it made a lovely backdrop for the photography ;). For their ceremony they had picked the beautiful St Paul’s UR church in South Croydon. And for the reception we headed for the Old Whitgift, where its very atmospheric and bird- inhabited quadrangle played host for the cocktail hour. Gotta love the cake that carries evidence of their first meet on the skiing slopes. And gotta love the cute homegrown flowers, the top hats and the Medieval feel to the dress…

st-pauls-united-reformed-church-south-croydon st-pauls-united-reformed-church-croydon st-pauls-united-reformed-church-south-croydon st-pauls-united-reformed-church-croydon

contemporary-wedding-photographer-croydon wedding-photographer-south-london st-pauls-united-reformed-church-south-croydon contemporary-wedding-photograph-london wedding-photographers-croydon st-pauls-united-reformed-church-croham-road old-whitgift quirky-wedding-photography-london

quirky-wedding-photography-london contemporary-wedding-photographer-croydon old-whitgift whitgift-school whitgift-school-wedding contemporary-wedding-photography-london Louise Bjorling wedding photography sports-wedding-cake sports-wedding-cake wedding-photography-croydon


Congratulations Zac and Jo!

Friends and family to the Zac and Jo? Full online gallery soon to follow on my gallery page:

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