wedding photography Hampshire – Old Alresford House

Contemporary wedding photography from Old Alresford House – an elegant countryside wedding with chill out marquee and cute home made details


On one of the hottest days this summer just gone, I had the privilege to photograph the very first ever wedding to be held at the newly restored Old Alresford House in Hampshire…. and listen to this one, this awesome building once upon a time belonged to Lord Nelson! Now when the wedding has been featured on BOHO bride as of last week 🙂 , I have put together the full blog chapter of it here on my blog as well. Old Alresford House really is a lovely mansion for a wedding – it’s filled up with rooms dressed in super cute wall paper for the bridal party to stay the night in, and for getting ready in the morning – different wall paper for each room. The ground floor houses the ballroom, which conveniently works as both a ceremony room and a reception room. This floor also offers a few other quirky rooms, fab from a photographer’s perspective – and fab for those rainy days! Luckily, this day was filled with gorgeous sun shine and the guests could hang out in the chill out marquee, have drinks by the LA style swimming pool or stroll around on the grounds, alongside cutsie animals and the lovely nature.

And one more thing about the actual mansion… It has some pretty neat history to it… involving British naval heroes, and a little garden created in accordance with old, preserved sketches! Read more about that on Old Alresford house’s home page. (It had to be mentioned – I personally have a weak spot for places with interesting history to it…)

While my colleague Milda met with the groom at their house in the morning, I started the morning in the girls’ suite, which was full of energy and smiles – you could not believe that they had hardly slept the night before….

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