Just bare with me while I’m having a facelift… ♥♥

contemporary-wedding-photographer-in-london-louise-bjorlingI know, I know – at the moment my web site might have a certain look one day as you go on it , and then the next day it has changed. I am redesigning. Something that has been on the agenda in the back of my head for about six months now – but with 60 hrs working weeks since back in May, it’s been impossible to fit in!

Now finally, it’s happening. And I like experimenting til I get the look – so there will be some experimenting and changes going on now in December. But it is still me! It is still the same photographer. 😉

You might say that I should just get a designer to do it, but that doesn’t work for me, I like to do everything myself. Besides the amount of times I see things in my head and when I come to do it, it looks totally different – imagine the poor designer, when I keep changing things til the cows come home. (And here in London, you’d be having to wait long for them cows!) I love it though, how designer sell their elements online now more. After designing my backdrops, I am now playing around with design elements that I’ve ordered from the talented designer Silvia of graphics-illustrations.com.

So just bare with all the changes, soon I will have completed my new me!


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