Bayham Old Abbey pre wedding shoot

JC and JB’s wedding shoot in Kent – pre wedding portraits at Bayham Old Abbey

I made an awesome field trip to Kent with J.C and J.B, for their engagement portraits! I love when people choose special places for their pre wedding shoot!

Juanito and James certainly had something in store for me for their engagement shoot… they took me on a tripp to the tucked away ruins of Bayham Old Abbey in Kent – and when I say tucked away, I mean tucked away – lost on the country roads of Kent, we started to beleive that perhaps the old ruins where just a myth. But when we finally found them on the border of Kent and East Sussex, we could clearly see what a great idea it was to come here for their pre wedding portraits! The ruins in a gorgeous sunshine proved to be a really, really lovely backdrop. The choice really suited James and Juanito’s personalities as well – both proud English Herritage members and with a shared interest for history. Looking forward to their big day… which is happening already in a week’s time!

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Bayham Old Abbey is said to be haunted by ghosts… of course! So we found this part of the ruin where a peculiar tree was growing out of the wall and which had some sort of altar infront of it. We decided that this would be the perfect place for a “being-scared-of-the-haunting-munks-shot”.

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At our pre wedding meeting I had suggested to bring a couple of choices for clothes to their portrait session, and that perhaps one of the outfits could be a little bit funny and silly – so seeing the superman t – shirts come out, made me smile…



Looking forward to your wedding day guys… at the funky RS lounge!

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