Some important evidence! The birth of my passion for photography…

It might be a little while before you see a proper wedding chapter on here – I am currently focusing on editing (like there was no tomorrow…) the end of summer weddings, so my blogging has to wait a little… but will soon be back with plenty of weddings!

In the meanwhile, I just have to post this – I found it in my parent’s old family albums last week and I realised straight away that this was some important evidence which just had to be posted for the world to see.

When people ask me if I’ve wanted to be a photographer ever since I was little, the answer is NO. I never played around with cameras and dreamt about being a photographer. The only modest dream that I had back home in my 5000-citizens-swedish-countrySide-village, was to become a great movie star in Hollywood and win one of those Oscars.

Photography was nothing I really thought about until my early 20s. It came to me as I found myself at a cross road from behind a ballet- bar in Pineapple dance studios, realizing that my serious ankle sprain would not ever heal properly… While I tried to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, I jumped on a photography course – just to try something different which I had not really done before. And that was it. That’s when I got hooked. And a “short course” turned in to University training.

But somewhere in the back of my mind I had this faint memory of an old red 35 mm compact camera, which no matter how much I tried myself – mum always had to load in the end… and last week at my family house I actually found the evidence of what I seemed to remember: A very early and very short lived passion for photography.

HERE IT IS! I remember this day clearly now. I assembled all my favorite dolls and dressed them in their best outfits and decorated with stuff that I found pretty. I even tried to involve my younger brother’s He-man dolls (Remember them anyone?!) – but he stole them back and ran off, all distressed from seeing his action toys next to Barbie… Then I lit the scene with a slightly mis- directed desk lamp.

I wanted it to look like it did in the magazines. I got all upset when the envelope arrived with my photos – it looked nothing like it did in the magazines. Ofcourse it didn’t. I cursed at the camera and decided that, that was it. No more photography for me.

And here is THE EVIDENCE from my career start as a photographer…


london photographer louise bjorling

For some reason I wrote this at the back of the photograph: “Louise 8 years” – so that is how old I was when this master piece was created.

xx Louise

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