The Decorium wedding venue – Interior photography London

Interior photographer London: commercial photography The Decorium – a versatile conference and wedding venue in North London

Quite a special venue for weddings and conferences I’d say. You step inside and for a second you’re not sure whether you’re still in London. Or if you’ve woken up in the One thousand and one nights;). The Decorium are in the process of updating their web site and in the making of a new brochure, and I really can’t complain that they phoned me. I love photographing a venue that has something a bit “extra” to it. We managed to get a day of photography between their Christmas wedding bookings, and here are some favorits from the shoot. Oh, and check out the mood lighting that this venue has to offer – different colour light to suit the occasion, how cool is that!

Here’s s slide show to view a a few of the shots, with control buttons for it on your lower right…

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