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Welcome to London!

Verena and Patrick’s super cool London wedding has just been published by Your London Wedding Magazine. (Nov/Dec issue)

This was such a fun and cozy wedding – and I’m so glad that I got to be the photographer for their day. Verena and Patrick had plenty of European wedding guests, and decided to treat them to a tour around London town… with a quiz on London and all! And of course, all while seated on a red double decker bus.

Little did we know when freezing our b….. off back in February while stopping off at some well selected London landmarks for photography, that their day would end up on the front cover of Your London Wedding Magazine. 🙂

But here it is – their blue themed, boots themed, London tour wedding. Congratulations Verena and Patrick, to your magazine feature!

Their cozy, chandelier lit wedding reception, was set up at the top floor of the Rose pub, a beautiful, Victorian venue facing river Thames on the South Bank.


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