Wedding photography trends 2012 What is HOT and what is NOT

My list! wedding photography trends 2012, contemporary wedding photography trends…

Ok, I confess. This is my own list – this is my opinion.;)Having said that, I’m always on the look out for what is going on and have inner debates (Yeah I know… weirdo hey…), and keeping an eye out for what is popular and up and coming in wedding photography styles. So here it is, my list for wedding photography trends in 2012…

Cool Sun

What is HOT…


Bright and light and naturally colourful

Grainy and slightly toned black and whites

Well planned compositions that feels unplanned

Negative space – empty, deliberate space within an image

 Film look – the look of photography as it was before the age of digital

 Back light – or even flair caused by shooting straight in to the sun

 Low sky light – out door evening photography is yum for your wedding day!

 Professional, thorough post production, that signatures the photographer’s style

 Relaxed portrait sessions on the day – mixing creativity with natural expressions

 A photo booth for the reception! Let crazy friends and drunken relatives mess about

 Less is more. Subtle colour drain in post production, steering away from red/orange skin tones

 Themes and details. The devil is in the detail! Capture colour themes, details and personal touches of the wedding day

 Wide apertures. (when only a small part of the image is in focus) Ok, this one has been around for a while – but it is still smoking!

 Editorial photography – telling a story with the images. (Meaning some involvement and pre planning from photographer’s side)


What is NOT really so hot anymore…


Camera tilting – unless it spot on works for a certain image

 Vintage toning. When it is over toned. Although a moderate, professional toning works great for certain images

 Too much photo journalism/reportage style in the photography – with images that feels distant and un- personal

 Vingetting. Unless it is very subtle and really suits the location (Such as a gloomy day with heavy architecture – think London)


What is stone dead cold….


Super posed and super cheesey

 Too contrasty, too saturated, too sharpened

 Super obvious vignetting. It should rest in peace…

 “Cheap” toning. Like pressing the button for sepia for example

 “Cheap” photoshopping. Of any kind. (Like using only the obvious Photoshop tools and not well)

 Oh this one: I thought it died around 2009 and yesterday I saw it again: A black and white image…. with a detail in colour!

 Snap shot photography without understanding the components of photography. (And then refer to it as “reportage style”)

Did I forget anything? Let me know if I should add to the list!

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