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Welcome to Photography by Louise. Here I will tell you more about how I photograph a wedding. Further down, you’ll find some info about my rates – and shortly I will put up the new packages that I’m offering from 2019. So stay tuned, it will soon be here on this page. In meanwhile, you can contact me to have the packages sent via email, or to get a personal quote – just click here to get in touch.


I would gladly capture your whole day from the bride/both of you getting ready in the morning til everyone is rocking the dance floor in the evening – I love for each photo to be a small part of the full story about your day. Throughout your day I will constantly be looking for those moments that happens in an instant – that are filled with emotions or just special in any other kind of way. Before  photographing “my” first wedding back in 2008, I was fortunate to study professional photography under University of Westminster in London. To photograph a wedding was like finding the perfect match career-wise 🙂 . As a wedding photographer I find that I can fuse my two favorite photography genres which I focused on during my studies: DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY and FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY.

Before your day, I will make sure to have an understanding of what you both are about – and what is important to you in terms of your photos. Then on the day, I just add my flair and style to the photos I capture. What does the flair and style mean? …. you might ask. In reality, this means that I like to keep my mind creative behind the camera. I for example: keep an awarenes of how the natural light falls, how a shot will have best/most interesting composition, how I can find several layers in a scene, tell a story when I capture an image, include the colours, details, themes and atmosphere about your day. Basically, throughout your wedding day, I will be the kind of wedding photographer that always look for new moments, and have an open mind for keeping me creative and inspiered.

I shoot everything in digital RAW – and a RAW-file pretty much fills a similar function to what a negative used to do. So once I have the RAWs in my computer, I do all the adjustments to them manually – just like photo-technicians in a lab used to set exposure, contrast and colours on an easel in the Dark Room. But with digital, this process is a lot more intricrate and happens in the computer of course. Back in the days of film however, the photographer could choose the look/style when buying the film. With digital, all this will happen afterwards, through the editing process on the computer. And the options now are so limitless, which is why you will see so many different styles/look between photographers. This further explains why the editing time after your day includes many more hours – the wedding photographers now don’t just send their roll off to a lab, they do Everything them selves (!) You can easily add 50 hrs of post production time to a ful day of photographing a wedding. But the +side is that wedding couples now in the digital time, will have many photos from their special day to keep, and that there are more different interesting styles amongst photographers 🙂 I personally like the look of a photo back in the “film days”, so in my editing style you will find a look that is somewhere in between the film look and the digital: I strive to make my photos have more depth in the colours which is similar to film, but fusing it with the more “shallow” look of digital, so that the images are a little bit crisper and have less grain. I hope this all makes sense, hopefully you can see what I mean when you look at my images 🙂

THE DELIVERY STAGE: Once every single final image has been manually adjusted, your photos will be named and numbered – and saved into high resolution jpgs, so that you can open them all without any problems. I now provide them with the lates digital delivery methods: a personal digital download 🙂 . This way, you will not encounter any problem with crashed files, associated to dvd:s or USB-sticks.

Your images will also be upload  to an online password protected gallery, for your guests to access . The whole process for editing and delivering your final images will take roughly 2 – 5 weeks. Not to worry, if you wish I gladly do a fb-preview of some favorites while you’re waiting.


Full day rates starting from: £2’500

I provide several packages to choose from, starting from 8 hrs

The new packages coming soon to the web site! In meanwhile Contact me via the link below


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