Yoga photography from my trip to Goa

Yoga. And Goa.

I probably don’t have to say anything more. But I will say (quite) a few words about my relationship to yoga, before I post some yoga photography and other shots from this amazing experience.

I’ve just realised that yoga actually has been in my life for nearly 20 years…! I remember stumbling in to what might have been the only yoga centre in Stockholm back in the mid 90s. A friend keen on Eastern medicine dragged me with her, and I recall middle aged ladies in white, staring at us as if we where really lost. This was even before Madonna started talking about yoga. So you know, before people even asked what yoga was. Really ancient times that is 😉 .

Over the years yoga grew to be a part of my life. My “Go to” wherever I was in the world…  when backpacking around Australia and Asia, when briefly living in Tokyo and the US… basically kind of like carrying something that feels like “home” with you when you feel restless or rootless. Sometimes like a soulmate. Other times like having someone to argue with. But most of the time like a medication. I just remembered 12 years ago, how I would have to risk my life bicycling through a gang of crazy stray dogs on the island of Guam, just to get to this really awesome yoga class. That’s probably the sign that yoga had become an important part of my life 😉 .

This winter it suddenly just dawned upon me. I was going to take this further. I was going to let go of all those “have to’s” in my head, this belief that I have to work my butt off all the time. It was time to just leave for a few weeks, to travel away to explore yoga further, go in to its depth, explore the background of it, and to really immerse myself.

I found this shala in South Goa, a little yoga village with the cutest huts and organic food. And a very tempting Yoga Teacher Training course, focused on traditional challenging Ashtanga – mixed with modern vinyasa flow classes, guided meditation, Yoga Nidra, cleansing techniques, pranayama – and I love breathing techniques, it can really change my being on a bad day. And of course the philosophy and ideology behind yoga. Within a couple of days of deciding to become a yoga instructor, my course and flight was booked for 4 weeks later, and I was rushing myself to have my travel injections topped up.

Then I decided NOT to bring my camera. I was going to experience this journey just from within.

I came to my senses though and realised I kind of had to bring some kind of camera.  So in the end I packed my ole’ 12 Megapixel Nikon camera and my two cheapest lenses. Then I hardly ever took my camera gear out during the whole trip. Now when I’m back home I want to tell the story of my experience and wish that I had photographed so much more… The curse of being a photographer hey 😉 .

But I want to tell the story about my month at Kranti Yoga on Patnem Beach as much as I can, with the photos I got. It really was such an important trip for me. Something that I wish everybody could be fortunate to experience, to have the chance to just put everything aside, all the cluster in our lives, to clear out what isn’t important. And just step in to ourselves and see what else is there. Welcome to Kranti Yoga

yoga-goa-Louise-Bjorling-fotoyoga-photography-louise-bjorlingyoga-photography-louise-bjorlingyoga-photography-louise-bjorlingKranti-yogaKranti-Yoga-fire-ceremony-L_Bjorling-photographyYoga photography by Louise BjorlingYoga photography by Louise Bjorlingyoga-training-Louise-Bjorling-photoYoga photography by Louise BjorlingYoga photography by Louise BjorlingYoga photography by Louise BjorlingPatnem-beach-GoaGoa-cow-Louise-Bjorling-photographySunset-Louise-Bjorling-photographyYoga photography by Louise BjorlingYoga photography by Louise BjorlingYoga photography photographed by Louise Bjorlingyoga-pose-photography-by-Louise-Bjorlingyoga-pose-photography-by-Louise-BjorlingYoga photography by Louise BjorlingYoga photography photographed by Louise Bjorlingyoga-photographer-louise-bjorlingyoga-photography-goa-louise-bjorlingyoga-pose-photography-by-Louise-BjorlingKranti-yoga-goamonkey-kranti-yoga-centmonkey-kranti-yoga-centerYoga photography photographed by Louise BjorlingPatnem-beach-GoaKranti-yoga-Louise-Bjorling-photographyYoga photography photographed by Louise Bjorlingyoga-photography-goa-louise-bjorlingKranti-yoga-goaKranti-Yoga-Photography-Louise-BjorlingYoga photography by Louise BjorlingYoga photography by Louise BjorlingKranti-yoga-India-L-Bjorling-photographyKranti-yoga-Goa-L-Bjorling-photographyYoga-Goa-photo-LouiseBjorlingFire-ceremony-Yoga-Bjorling-photoYoga photography by Louise BjorlingFire-ceremony-Kranti-Bjorling-photoYoga-Goa-photo-LouiseBjorlingYoga-Goa-photo-LouiseBjorlingyoga-teacher-training-Goa-Louise-fotografYoga photography photographed by Louise BjorlingYoga photography by Louise Bjorlingkranti-yoga-awards-bjorling-photoYoga photography by Louise BjorlingYoga-Goa-photo-LouiseBjorlingYoga photography by Louise BjorlingYoga photography by Louise BjorlingYoga photography by Louise BjorlingKranti-yoga-L-Bjorling-photoKranti-yoga-L-Bjorling-photoYoga-Goa-Louise-Bjorling-photoYoga-Goa-photo-LouiseBjorlingYoga-Goa-photo-LouiseBjorlingYoga-Goa-photo-LouiseBjorlingYoga-Goa-photo-LouiseBjorlingYoga-Goa-photo-LouiseBjorlingKranti-yoga-L-Bjorling-photoKranti-yoga-dog-Bjorling-photo




Wish the best to all the incredible people that I got to meet, and fantastic onward yoga journeys to all of you!

And thank you (or shall I say Hariom Tatsat) to Kranti Yoga for the amazing course. xxx Louise

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