I’m Louise a London wedding photographer, equally based in London and Stockholm Sweden, available to photograph weddings anywhere in the UK and Europe. When capturing a wedding, I’m inspired by the split second moment, environment and atmosphere, creative portraiture, photojournalism, story telling & fashion photography. And the people in front of my camera of course. Since graduating as a photographer from University of Westminster, London in 2009, I’ve had the joy of meeting all kinds of interesting people and visiting all sorts of amazing venues to capture people’s special day. And I can’t wait to hear the plans you have for yours. DROP ME A LINE HERE


    - In the last few years, I've been lucky to have had several real weddings and styled bridal shoots published by different National UK wedding magazines, Bodas Honduras and on inspiring wedding blogs worldwide
    - Finalist two years in a row, for “London wedding of the year” (Your London Wedding Magazine)
    - The 2015 photographer for “UK wedding of the year” held by the magazine Wedding
    - The selected fashion campaign photographer for the vibrant bridal shows at London Excel and Manchester Event City
    - The kind of funniest thing right now… that the next Bridget Jones movie will be using my wedding images in a scene ;)
    - The truly best thing however, is that I’m actually walking and can practice my passion for yoga every single day. At birth it was said that I would never walk. But then some kind of amazing miracle doctor from America flew in to Sweden… and changed my fate - life is just full of miracles :)

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A London wedding mansion tucked away from all the buzz, with a calm and beauty that brings countryside to mind, was the perfect choice for Maureen and Clifford when tying the knot. The atmospheric Hurlingham Club surrounded by green slopes and tennis courts, makes you forget that you are still in London, almost just around the corner from the buzzing Kings Road, and Chelsea.

On a super sunny late summer’s day, this hidden gem of an Art Deco style Mansion, got decorated up with lovely wild flowers, and stood as host to Maureen and Clifford’s super cozy wedding luncheon. Apparently, this oasis just a stone- throws from river Thames in Fulham,  has an 18 years waiting list for a gym membership… So, about as long as the waiting list for getting a flat in my native Stockholm in Sweden then 😉 . Luckily, the waiting time for getting married here isn’t quite as long!

Here are a few favorites from Maureen and Cliff’s beautiful Art Deco and wild flower themed wedding day…

hurlingham-club-london Louise Bjorling wedding photography wedding-photography-hurlingham-club wedding-photographer-hurlingham-club wedding-photographer-london wedding-photographer-london wedding-photographer-london wedding-photographer-london photojournalist-wedding-photographer-london london-wedding-photographer photojournalist-wedding-photographer-london photojournalist-wedding-photographer-london wedding-ceremony-hurlingham-club photojournalist-wedding-photographer-london photojournalist-wedding-photographer-london photojournalist-wedding-photographer-london hurlingham-wedding-2 wedding-ceremony-hurlingham-club professional-wedding-photographer-london photojournalist-wedding-photographer-london- photojournalist-wedding-photographer-london- wedding-ceremony-hurlingham-club Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography wedding-photography-hurlingham-club Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography photpjournalist-wedding-london Louise Bjorling wedding photography contemporary-wedding-photographer-london contemporary-wedding-photographer-london editorial-wedding-photographer-london editorial-wedding-london editorial-wedding-photography-london editorial-wedding-photographer-london contemporary-wedding-photographer-london editorial-wedding-photographer-london Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography photojournalist-wedding-photographer-london editorial-wedding-photographer-london editorial-wedding-photography-london Louise Bjorling wedding photography photpjournalist-wedding-london-2 art-deco-wedding-london art-deco-wedding-venue-london art-deco-wedding-london art-deco-wedding-london art-deco-wedding-london Louise Bjorling wedding photography art-deco-wedding-london art-deco-wedding-london art-deco-wedding-3 wedding-reception-hurlingham-club art-deco-wedding-london wedding-reception-hurlingham-club wedding-reception-hurlingham-club art-deco-wedding-london Louise Bjorling wedding photography hurlingham-club hurlingham-club-wedding-photographs hurlingham-club-wedding-venue

Congratulations Maureen and Clifford!

Here comes a beautiful summer wedding, starting with bridal preps at NH Harrington Hall in Kensington, followed by a central London wedding ceremony at the absolutely stunning Farm Street Church in Mayfair – who would have known that this massive, atmospheric church would lie tucked away here, almost hidden behind parks and cul-de-sacs in Mayfair.

And nothing could stop these guys from having a gorgeous summers day outdoor reception in Roehampton with their international guests – not even a shut down Central London due to demonstrations, nor the closed down bridges! The reception at Roehampton Club, was set to the tones of a live jazz band and featuring a really fun photo booth set up accompanied by drinks in the courtyard, followed by an atmospheric dinner reception.

Blogging this gorgeous wedding today, brings back summer to me, and a nice buzzy feeling over the amazing weddings that I’ve had the chance to photograph this season – London wedding photography as well as plenty of countryside weddings – and what a fantastic weather it has been, hey! Bring on next summer. Ok enough with the talking. Here follow a few shots from this July wedding, starting with bridal preps at NH Harrington Hall in Kensington, continuing with a ceremony in Mayfair and a reception at Roehampton Club…

Wedding-photographer-london wedding-photographer-kensington modern-weddin-photographer-kensigton contemporary-wedding-photographer-london Wedding-photographer-london wedding-photographer-nh-herrington-hall-kensington wedding-photographer-kensington-bjorling Wedding-photographer-london Wedding-photographer-mayfair-london wedding-photography-mayfair-church Wedding-photographer-london-mayfair wedding-photographer-mayfair wedding-photographer-farm-street-church-mayfair Wedding-photographer-london-bjorling Wedding-photographer-london-bjorling wedding-photography-mayfair-bjorling Wedding-photographer-london Wedding-photographer-london wedding-photographer-roehampton-club Wedding-photographer-roehampton-club-london editorial-wedding-portratis-london Wedding-photographer-london roehampton-club-wedding-photographer-louise-bjorling Wedding-photographer-london modern-wedding-photographer-london-2  Wedding-photographer-london Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography Louise Bjorling wedding photography photo-booth-setup-london-wedding Wedding-photographer-london-fashion Wedding-photographer-london Wedding-photographer-london wedding-photographer-roehampton-club roehampton-club-wedding-photographer Wedding-photographer-london

I love these shots, don’t they just look like movie stars, just fallen out from an old classical movie…

editorial-wedding-photographer-london Wedding-photographer-london editorial-wedding-photography-louise-bjorling wedding-photographer-london Louise Bjorling wedding photography wedding-photographer-roehampton-club-3 wedding-reception-roehampton-club wedding-reception-roehampton-club wedding-photography-roehampton-club wedding-photography-roehampton-club Louise Bjorling wedding photography roehampton-club-wedding-reception-bjorling Louise Bjorling wedding photography wedding-photographer-london Louise Bjorling wedding photography  Wedding-photographer-london

Congratulations guys!

Thank you so much for having me, and Thank you to Michelle, for yet again some immaculate assisting!

xx Louise

Got a fantastic announcement to make today. Natalie and Josef’s wedding has made it to the final in this year’s competition for London Wedding Of The Year – held by Your London Wedding Magazine.

It really made me smile to open latest issue of the magazine and read their interview…

Thank you so much to anyone who put in a vote for them! And fingers crossed that they will win the final by the end of this year.


Your London Wedding Magazine, July/Aug 2014


Link to Natalie and Joe’s full wedding chapter