I’m Louise a London wedding photographer, equally based in London and Stockholm Sweden, available to photograph weddings anywhere in the UK and Europe. When capturing a wedding, I’m inspired by the split second moment, environment and atmosphere, creative portraiture, photojournalism, story telling & fashion photography. And the people in front of my camera of course. Since graduating as a photographer from University of Westminster, London in 2009, I’ve had the joy of meeting all kinds of interesting people and visiting all sorts of amazing venues to capture people’s special day. And I can’t wait to hear the plans you have for yours. DROP ME A LINE HERE


    - In the last few years, I've been lucky to have had several real weddings and styled bridal shoots published by different National UK wedding magazines, Bodas Honduras and on inspiring wedding blogs worldwide
    - Finalist two years in a row, for “London wedding of the year” (Your London Wedding Magazine)
    - The 2015 photographer for “UK wedding of the year” held by the magazine Wedding
    - The selected fashion campaign photographer for the vibrant bridal shows at London Excel and Manchester Event City
    - The kind of funniest thing right now… that the next Bridget Jones movie will be using my wedding images in a scene ;)
    - The truly best thing however, is that I’m actually walking and can practice my passion for yoga every single day. At birth it was said that I would never walk. But then some kind of amazing miracle doctor from America flew in to Sweden… and changed my fate - life is just full of miracles :)

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I’m just feeling so moved today.

wedding-magazine-winners-photographerA few weeks back, I found out that the UK magazine Wedding, have chosen me to photograph the winning wedding in their large yearly competition… I know right, wow is all I can say, that the magazine editors decided to pick me – that I tell you, was quite a special email to open 🙂

But that’s not why I’m suddenly so moved. Today, while browsing around and researching for coming weddings, I actually found the video that the winning couple made when they got to the final… And it just made me feel really emotional to hear all the lovely things that the friends and family have got to say about this couple. And I realised how special I feel about photographing the wedding day of these two – to know that Nuala and Adrian who seems such lovely people – but who otherwise would have struggled to put any larger sums of money into their day, now have won a £25k wedding package (!) I feel really good about being part of this.
And to see that sometimes, good things come to good people…

wedding-magazine-winnersCongratulations Nuala & Adrian!

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wedding-photographer-london-landmark-hotelThere are so many things to appreciate as a wedding photographer. It’s a real privilege to spend a whole day capturing images that tell a story, to be part of somebody’s best day in their lives, to be surrounded by all the happiness and emotions, by the beauty and atmosphere, and to have a whole day of being creative and nervously kept on your toes, and feeling those gushes of that special yihaa feeling, when you’ve really nailed a shot.
But above all these things making it so special to be a wedding photographer, must be the opportunity to see strong love, and to hear the stories of how people have overcome and succeeded great obstacles together.
Julia and Marco’s wedding day, made me feel just that. I felt like a tingle in my stomach from seeing how strong these two people’s love is for one and other. And perhaps it is  strong love, that has taken them through the obstacles they’ve been facing – and finally let their highest wish come true.

Julia and Marco celebrated their amazing day at the stunning and modern Landmark Hotel in London, surrounded by all their close family and some “Italian style amount” of dinner courses. While the rest of the world where glued to TV screens for the tennis in Wimbledon, England and Italy where both winners in a completely different game entirely, somewhere high up above London, in the tower of Landmark Hotel 😉

bridal-photography-london bridal-photography-london wedding-reception-landmark london-wedding-photographer-landmark bridal-photography-london contemporary-bridal-photographer-london bridal-photography-london

I love it when those childhood soft toys come out on the wedding day… particularly when they get dressed up in wedding attire 🙂 . Marco’s creative niece made the outfit for little Muchoo!

bridal-photography-london documentary-portrait-photographer-london bridal-photographer-london bridal-photography-london bridal-photography-london-128b modern-bridal-photographer-london bridal-photography-london-104 bridal-photography-london-130 bridal-photography-londonMarco himsel made the cake topper! ↑

modern-bridal-photographer-london modern-bridal-photography-london-4 modern-bridal-photography-london Documentary-bridal-photography-london bridal-photography-london-184 bridal-photography-london-191 modern-bridal-photography-london modern-bridal-photographer-london modern-bridal-photographer-london documentary-wedding-portraits-london Documentary-wedding-landmark-hotel wedding-photography-landmark wedding-ceremony-landmark-hotel wedding-photography-landmark ceremony-landmark-hotel wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-ceremony-landmark-hotel wedding-photography-landmark-78 wedding-photography-landmark-81 wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photography-landmark-120 landmark-wedding wedding-ceremony-landmark-hotel wedding-photography-landmark-130 photojournalist-wedding-photography-landmark photojournalist-wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photojournalism-09 family-portrait-wedding-london wedding-photojournalism photojournalist-wedding-photography-landmark wedding-photojournalism contemporary-wedding-photography family-portraits-wedding-london contemporary-wedding-photography-17 wedding-family-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel modern-wedding-portraits-london wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-reception-details-landmark wedding-reception-details-landmark wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel modern-photographer-landmark wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-reception-details-photography wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel-104 wedding-photographer-landmark-hotel wedding-reception-details-photography wedding-reception-landmark-22 photojournalist-wedding-photography-london photojournalist-wedding-photography-london wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark-111 photojournalist-wedding-photography-london photojournalist-wedding-photography-london wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark wedding-reception-landmark-118 wedding-reception-landmark-117 photojournalist-wedding-photography-london-5 wedding-reception-landmark-145 Documentary-bridal-photography-london Documentary-wedding-photographer-london Documentary-wedding-photographer-london-12 Documentary-bridal-photography-london Documentary-wedding-photographer-london Documentary-wedding-photographer-london Documentary-wedding-photographer-london landmark-hotel-wedding-photography wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-atria wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel contemporary-wedding-photography-central-london wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel wedding-portraits-landmark-hotel

Congratulations to Julia & Marco… and to little number 3!

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I am so glad that Ros and Dave managed to find me out of the bunch of photographers at Bluewater wedding fair – What a truly fantastic day I got chosen to capture. Two really lovely families where joined together at Islington Town Hall on this beautiful day. When choosing to have a London City wedding, nothing quite boosts the vibe as much as a venue that has both that contemporary feel and the London character and quirk to it. And I think Ros and Dave really found that when booking the private function room at Fredericks in Angel for their day. And that preceded by a ceremony at the Mayor’s Parlour, which made Islington Town Hall feel like a cozy living room rather than a registry office! (Well a very fancy living room that is…)  To top it off, we where lucky to have one of my favourite spots for wedding portraits in London, just around the corner from their reception venue. Regent’s Canal which pops up in a few places around London, happens to be “floating by” in the backwaters of Angel. Here’s a little preview from Ros and Dave’s London City wedding, starting with a morning gathering for their guests, at another atmospheric venue, the Vineyard opposite Islington Town Hall. Here is the story of your day, Ros and Dave…

wedding-photography-vineyard-islington London-wedding-photographer-Bjorling London-wedding-photographer-Bjorling-07 pub-wedding-photography-london photojournalism-wedding-london London-wedding-photographer-Bjorling London-wedding-photographer-Bjorling wedding-photography-vineyard-london London-wedding-photographer-Bjorling grooms-men-photography-london London-wedding-photographer-Bjorlin modern-wedding-photographer-Islington modern-wedding-photographer-Islington wedding-photography-islington-town-hall wedding-photography-islington-town-hall professional-photography-islington-town-hall modern-wedding-photographer-Islington modern-wedding-photographer-Islington rofessional-photography-islington-Bjorling modern-wedding-photographer-Islington-21 wedding-ceremony-mayors-parlour-islington modern-wedding-photographer-Islington wedding-ceremony-mayors-parlour-islington modern-wedding-portrait-islington-town-hall modern-wedding-photographer-Islington modern-wedding-photographer-Islington modern-wedding-photographer-Islington modern-wedding-portrait-islington-town-hall modern-wedding-photographer-Islington modern-wedding-photographer-Islington contemporary-wedding-photographer-islington modern-wedding-photographer-Islington contemporary-wedding-photographer-islington modern-wedding-portraits-london-13

I’m so glad we found this area! And I know that nobody would believe it, but “off camera” it was like M25 in morning rush hour around the canal (!) I really had to click the shutter in a split second between all the cyclists, dogs, strollers… Ros and Dave where being really patient, and somehow we managed to get some shots that weren’t crowded with loads of other people 😉 modern-wedding-portraits-london modern-wedding-portraits-london modern-wedding-portraits-london modern-wedding-portraits-london london-contemporary-wedding-photographer london-contemporary-wedding-portraits modern-wedding-portraits-london wedding-photography-london-film-look wedding-portraits-london-canal modern-wedding-portraits-london

Oh here we go, M25…. photojournalist-wedding-portraits-london modern-wedding-portraits-london london-city-wedding-portraits modern-wedding-portraits-london modern-wedding-portraits-london modern-wedding-portraits-london wedding-reception-fredericks-angel wedding-reception-photography-islington wedding-reception-photography-islington wedding-reception-photography-islington relaxed-wedding-portraits-london natural-family-portrait-wedding wedding-reception-photography-islington wedding-photography-fredericks-angel wedding-reception-photography-islington-26 wedding-reception-fredericks wedding-reception-photography-islington professional-wedding-photography-fredericks-london wedding-reception-photography-islington photojournalist-wedding-photography-fredericks photojournalist-wedding-photography-fredericks professional-wedding-photography-angel wedding-reception-photography-islington professional-wedding-photographer-fredericks-angel wedding-reception-photography-islington rose-red-themed-wedding wedding-ring-photography-london central-london-wedding-photography wedding-reception-photography-islington wedding-reception-photography-islington wedding-reception-photography-islington

Congratulations Ros and Dave!

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  • Mark Byron - This is a lovely post. Photographs look great and have a fab color tone. Looks like they had a great day.

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