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Are you by any chance on the outlook for tips, on how to get the best wedding photography for your day? In that case, head over to my series of articles which I wrote for English wedding Blog this spring! This series of 3 articles will give you advice on how to find the right photographer for you and how to prepare to be photographed – all with the end goal of being relaxed and get the best shots when the day comes…


Chapter 1: How to find the wedding photographer for you

article-best-wedding-photography-london1: This chapter will give you loads of tips on where to find your photographer, how to compare different photographers and how to understand and recognize that photographers have different styles. With different image examples from my portfolio, I’ve aimed to clarify what to look for – to make it easy for everyone to understand how every photographer have their own way of using angles, light, and composition to tell your story in images. It also gives you an idea about how photographers will post- process your images in their own signature style – how black and white can have different looks, as well as how colours can be processed in several different ways – some people will prefer natural and crisp, others saturated, yet others subdued colours or a vintage look. It’s important that you find a photographer, who’s style and creative process you know will cater for what you like! This chapter also really stresses how meeting your photographer in person when booking, really is advisable. (Unless of course, you already know one and other – perhaps from meeting at a previous wedding) It’s important to meet your potential photographer and know that you can relax with their company. This is also your chance to see their images actually printed – a way for you to reassure that those lovely shots online really looks that nice when printed in high resolution as well.

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Chapter 2: How to prepare yourself for the photography on your wedding day

This chapter is a good read for you people who have now found your photographer – with loads of advice on how to prepare yourselves for the photography on your wedding day. The most important advise I can give, is to pre- visit the venue together with your photographer. This is the perfect opportunity for you to brain storm ideas with each other, look at different locations, find back up locations for if it rains etc. I also give some advice on how you can show your photographer images that you really like, so that the photographer better understand your tastes, and how it is best that you share any secret surprise moments that will happen on your day, with your photographer. (This way your photographer will be prepared and in the right place to photograph it) Another fantastic thing to do which you will see examples from in chapter 2, is to have an engagement portrait shoot with your photographer. This will definitely prepare you to be photographed on your day and get you relaxed with having your photographer around.

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Chapter 3: The wedding day with your photographer

Here follows some advice on how things might run on the day with your photographer. Most importantly, you want to be able to relax and know that the photographer is getting the shots. So here follows some advice on things to be aware of – such as how the photographer needs to know of any itinerary changes, some information about how the photographer might need a bit of time for certain shots or for changing things with their equipment, etc. And some advice on how to keep an open mind for suggestions and sudden inspiration.

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Thank you for reading this article, which is part of a series written for

the English wedding blog. (All text and photography by Louise Bjorling)

I hope it gave you some ideas when preparing for the photography on your day!


An awesome couple is getting married this weekend! In the meanwhile, we had their engagement shoot in a wintery London. Kings Cross St Pancras station is a place that will always be kind of special to them. It’s the memories of walking through the station on their return with the train from Paris… where he popped the question! So a perfect location for their engagement shoot. The park shots are from Camley Strett National park, just behind the station.

london-engagement-shoot-photography london-engagement-shoot-photography-05 kings-cross-st-pancras-engagement london-engagement-shoot-photography-10 london-engagement-shoot-photography-12 london-engagement-shoot-photography london-engagement-shoot-photography kings-cross-st-pancras-engagement-shoot london-engagement-shoot london-engagement-shoot london-engagement-shoot-photography-36 london-engagement-shoot-photography-40 winter-engagement-shoot-london london-engagement-shoot-photography-42 camley-street-natural-park-01 camley-street-natural-park-london contemporary-wedding-photographer-london london-engagement-wedding-photography london-engagement-wedding-photography london-engagement-wedding-photography london-engagement-wedding-photography london-engagement-wedding-photography london-engagement-wedding-photography camley-street-natural-park-04 london-engagement-shoot-photography-51 london-engagement-shoot-photography-49 london-engagement-shoot-photography-50 london-engagement-shoot-photography-52 london-engagement-shoot-photography-53 london-engagement-photographer london-engagement-shoot-photography-04


Around Kings Cross & St Pancras International station

And Camley Street Natural Park

Wedding photography in the Sculthorpe countryside of Norfolk

Katie and Paul, an amazing couple are now married! I’ve gotta admit that I got really excited when Katie and Paul contacted me about shooting their wedding – I love an English countryside wedding. When we met to plan their photography, we all thought that we where planning for an outdoor spring wedding… but as we’ve all experienced, spring has really had a lie- in this year! Spring or still winter – the landscapes of Norfolk and Piggyback barns which has been converted into a venue, proved to be a fantastic setting for a wedding. To top it off, the couple had made Piggyback barns super cozy, with fairy light cherry treas and a totally authentic jukebox for their guests to choose tracks throughout the evening. And what bride is so lucky to have a mum that makes fantastic wedding cakes hey! Here it is – the story of Katie and Paul’s cozy Norfolk wedding in Sculthorpe, told with some of my favorite shots from their day….


piggy-back-barns-sculthorpe bridal-preparations-photography-norfolk bridal-photography-norfolk norfolk-wedding-photography wedding-dress-photography-london funny-dog-shot-wedding-photography bridal-photography-norfolk bridal-photography-london bridal-photography-london bridal-photography-london wedding-photography-piggy-back-barns church-sculthorpe-norfolk

Katie and Paul where really patient taking time for some portraits in the +1 C… topped off with arctic winds!

football-theme-wedding piggyback-barns-wedding-photography

Katie’s mum made the fantastic cake!

norfolk-wedding-cakes-photography detail-wedding-photography-norfolk wedding-photography-norfolk-manor-farm-sculthorpe-piggy-back-barns wedding-photography-norfolk-manor-farm-sculthorpe-piggy-back-barns wedding-photography-manor-farm-piggy-back-barns-sculthorpe wedding-photography-manor-farm-piggy-back-barns-sculthorpe wedding-photography-manor-farm-piggy-back-barns-sculthorpe Louise Bjorling wedding photography wedding-photography-piggy-back-barns photography-Piggyback-barns


Katie’s wedding dress combined beauty and simplicity really well – with a lovely, lace vintage feel to it. I really like the detail of a slightly open back, which went so well with a hair updo.

detail-wedding-photography-norfolk detail-wedding-photography-norfolk wedding-photography-norfolk-ringshot

Congratulations Katie & Paul!



Piggyback barns – converted barn venue + accommodation in Sculthorpe

Sculthorpe Parish Church of St Mary and All Saints

Catering: Sally’s Classic Catering

Susan Simpson

Make up: Lisa Wilson

Hair: Kirstie Roberts

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  • Claire - Oh, they’re definitely very gorgeous! And I love their wedding style too. Katie’s dress is beautiful, and her little cardie (I never know the right word for these things! forgive me!) is adorable! A beautiful day with some lovely images 🙂
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