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Rain and darkness. Rain and darkness… London Christmas times have started!

But the feeling of summer and sun just came back to me as one of the weddings I shot this summer was featured on English wedding blog. It really was a fantastic day – in fact I think it was one of the best summer days in 2012 and Luke and Emma was such fun to photograph! (And the beautiful colours, and the countryside venue, and their fantastic idea for replicating their parent’s wedding portrait…)

Click on the image to see the feature by Claire on English wedding blog





2 blog posts in one day? Why not – I’ve been so bad at blogging lately ;). I got an exciting phone call today. Mercury Events – the organizers behind Bluewater wedding fair have decided to choose me (What, really?) to shoot the advertising images and fashion show for the wedding fair at Glow, Bluewater (!)

Click on the image to see the promo video if you want to know more about the fair. The video which is up on Youtube has been shot by Sorted Media productions


contemporary-wedding-photographer-in-london-louise-bjorlingI know, I know – at the moment my web site might have a certain look one day as you go on it , and then the next day it has changed. I am redesigning. Something that has been on the agenda in the back of my head for about six months now – but with 60 hrs working weeks since back in May, it’s been impossible to fit in!

Now finally, it’s happening. And I like experimenting til I get the look – so there will be some experimenting and changes going on now in December. But it is still me! It is still the same photographer. 😉

You might say that I should just get a designer to do it, but that doesn’t work for me, I like to do everything myself. Besides the amount of times I see things in my head and when I come to do it, it looks totally different – imagine the poor designer, when I keep changing things til the cows come home. (And here in London, you’d be having to wait long for them cows!) I love it though, how designer sell their elements online now more. After designing my backdrops, I am now playing around with design elements that I’ve ordered from the talented designer Silvia of

So just bare with all the changes, soon I will have completed my new me!