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The other week I met up for an engagement shoot with this gorgeous couple, who are getting ready for their Christmas wedding in South Africa. They wanted lots of fun shots for their wedding – invitation web site and had a list prepared with shots that they wanted – Loving it when I get a brief with lots of ideas for an engagement shoot. We had a really fun afternoon strolling around East London and Shoreditch, experimenting with different fun shots, creating images with photojournalism in the style around this grittier part of London…

engagement-shoot-london Louise Bjorling photography london-engagement-shoot-photographer engagement-shoot-london london-engagement-shoot-photographer london-engagement-shoot-photographer london-engagement-shoot-photographer east-london-prtraits east-london-prtraits Louise Bjorling photography Louise Bjorling photography east-london-prtraits-1 Louise Bjorling photography east-london-portraits creative-wedding-portraits-london creative-wedding-portraits-london creative-wedding-portraits-london east-london-prtraits-3 Louise Bjorling photography creative-wedding-portraits-london creative-wedding-portraits-london Louise Bjorling photography photojournalistic-style-engagement-shoot-london photojournalistic-style-engagement-shoot-london Louise Bjorling photography photojournalistic-style-engagement-shoot-london

This is a pretty neat idea hey… to involve a prop in the shoot, on to which the couple can add text in the computer!

Louise Bjorling photography Louise Bjorling photography

E session photography London, Bahram park North London

lsh and Ralph are soon to enjoy their colourful autumn wedding at some spectacular venues in North West London. In the meanwhile we warmed up with an e- session in Bahram Park of Wembley. A really fantastic park for an engagement session – with lots of different features and backdrops to play around with…

bahram-park-north-london-portraits bahram-park-wembley

Wedding photography China Boulevard – a Chinese theme wedding banquet in London, with traditional tea ceremony – Selina & Terence Part 2 ♥♥

After their wedding ceremony at Wandsworth Town Hall and portrait session in Wandsworth park in part 1, we headed for a traditional Chinese wedding banquet at China Boulevard on the River, just next to the Themes in London. And how lucky where we – within minutes of the wedding party sitting down for some snacks, the skies open for some serious torrential rain… so glad that it didn’t happen an hour earlier!

I have been lucky to do wedding photography at China Boulevard a few times now and I love the opportunity to play around with compositions with all their colourful backdrops and actually, it’s like photographing a new wedding each time – China Boulevard tends to reinvent itself with new decor details quite often.

Here it is, part 2 of Terence and Selina’s day. A proper traditional Chinese style wedding celebration – including the traditional tea service with all the well wishes from one family at a time, the Chinese traditional banquet with it’s (very many very yummy) courses of amazing food, to be followed by the “Cheers moment”, when the guests at each table at a time, do a “cheers” together with the wedding party. Followed by some serious rocking on the dance floor. 😉

Congratulations Selina and Terence!

Click here for part 1 – wedding ceremony in Wandsworth Town Hall


Venue: China Boulevard on the river

Bridal makeup: Monica Mao