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Wedding photography London & beyond – a preview of recent weddings and bridal shoots around UK

It is time to wrap up a fantastic 2015 today. And I thought I should wrap up this year, with a proper preview of a few things that I’ve been up to this autumn. It has been a busy few months… with as vivid and interesting work as a super pretty, elegant 1920’s wedding (think Gatsby!) at the Landsdowne Club in Mayfair, cozy countryside weddings around Surrey and Kent… featuring high tea reception and a purple wedding dress… the winning wedding for the “UK wedding of the year competition” held by the National magazine Wedding (an atmospheric woodland wonderland wedding in Buckinghamshire!), then off to shoot for the big yearly autumn bridal fashion show at Manchester Events City (- And in between, I’ve been over in Sweden to set up my second office and Swedish web site, and up above London on top of rooftops and cherry pickers, to shoot a London in expansion for my architecture clients. On a personal level, I’ve also been training and studying for my yoga instruction certificate, which I will acquire in Goa next month (!)

I know, I have fallen off the blogosphere radar a bit this autumn. When I blog a wedding, I want to set aside a full 2 days for it to make a thought through post, and to select the best shots of about a thousand – I want to really tell the story of the day the best I can… and I just haven’t had the time this autumn  😉

But today on this last day of 2015, I am making up for it, with a blog post containing a preview from a few of the different things that I’ve been up to these last few months. (Accompanied by som lovely commentary from my clients.) I’m lucky to have had such wonderful clients this year, thank you to you all. And thank you yet again to my lovely assistant Michelle for your hard work this year, you’ve been awesome as always!

See you all in 2016, for some reason, it feels like it’s gonna be a really good year in the world!   xoxoxo Louise


Have an awesome New Years Eve party everyone, and an amazing 2016!

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Wedding of the year photography for the magazine Wedding

The magazine Wedding selected lovely Nuala and Adrian to win the big yearly WOTY 2015 competition… and then… the magazine selected me to shoot their big day. (Yes, I’m not joking – a day of surprise when that email landed in my inbox)

On a beautiful sunny Autumn day, I woke up in an amazing mood, ready to head back to Notley Abbey in Buckinghamshire to capture the day of these awesome two! It was so nice to be part of the day for two people who had been awarded with 25K towards their wedding(!) Yes, that’s what they won in the big Wedding of the year competition, held by Wedding. I love it when I get to see good things come to good people!

And today I have the pleasure of sharing a link to the online feature of their day, on the magazine Wedding’s web site. Of course, a full blog chapter coming soon here to the blog. Scroll down to the link to see their feature, and to read the interview with Nuala – which really made me smile 🙂

You can’t say “congratulations” too many times… so congratulations again, to Nuala & Adrian!


Click here to see the online feature of the magazine WEDDING’s wedding of the year!

It was so nice to be able to make Nuala and Adrian’s day possible, together with all the other suppliers involved!

Credit list:

Photographer: Louise Bjorling

Venue: Notley Abbey, Buckinghamshire

Florist: Sonning Flowers

Videography: Jack Osborn Videography

Dress and cape: Enzoani

Bride’s shoes: Benjamin Adams

Bride’s accessories: Rainbow Club

Bridesmaid dresses: Little Mistress

Groomswear: French Connection

Cake: Jenny North Cakes

Wedding favours: Wedding In A Teacup

Venue decorations: The Wedding Of My Dreams

Wedding rings: Arctic Circle

Guestbook: The Wedding Tree

Stationery: Swoon At The Moon

Entertainment: The Bears

Make-up artist: Louise Jackson

Hair: Alter Ego Hair Design

Confetti: Shropshire Petals

Accessories: Jon Richard

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wedding-portraits-london-bridges-big-benI don’t know where to begin with Vanessa and Jordan – all I know is that I really enjoyed photographing their day. They’re such lovely people – Vanessa, so full of life and enthusiasm and Jordan, a charming Northener. Already during our initial meeting, I got really “hooked” on their wedding. Their beautiful venue No One Whitehall overlooking the Thames from the Embankment, their plans for a winter feel theme featuring silver and Christmas atmosphere, their lovely idea for table placement signs, and their wishes for a really fun London City portrait shoot.

And I gotta admit, I couldn’t wait for their “funny” surprise dance number in the evening to finally happen 😉 (In their busy lives, they both manage to squeeze in yoga teaching as well… and that really shows!)

I met with Vanessa at the stunning bridal room of No One Whitehall, as she was having her final touches done before heading downstairs to say I do


wedding-photographer-one-whitehall-wedding-photographer-one-whitehallLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyprofessional-bridal-photographer-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyprofessional-wedding-photographer-one-whitehallprofessional-wedding-photographer-one-whitehallLouise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-photographer-one-whitehallwedding-ceremony-one-white-hall-london-BjorlingLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyprofessional-wedding-photography-one-whitehallLouise Bjorling wedding photography

On their day, we where all surprised by an amazing 12 C. In mid December! And their portrait shoot around Central London – with bridges, Big Ben, the lovely park at their venue, and London Eye in the surroundings – could go ahead just as they had hoped for…

wedding-portrait-photographer-central-londoncontemporary-wedding-portraits-london-photographermodern-wedding-portraits-london-photographerwedding-portrait-photographer-central-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyprofessional-wedding-photographer-central-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyprofessional-wedding-photographer-central-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyprofessional-wedding-photography-london-eyeLouise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-photographer-big-ben-bjorlingLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photography

Louise Bjorling wedding photographyprofessional-wedding-photography-london-eyemodern-wedding-photography-london-eyewedding-portrait-photographer-central-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyone-whitehall-london-photography-by-bjorlingLouise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-reception-one-whitehall-placefamily-portraits-one-whitehall-bjorling-photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographygroom-shots-one-whitehall-bjorling-photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-reception-one-whitehall-placewinter-wedding-photography-london-one-whitehall-bjorlingLouise Bjorling wedding photographyone-whitehall-london-photography-by-bjorling

I loved their idea for table names – with guests from so many different countries, they had “I love you” as table names in all the languages that where represented at their weddings!

Louise Bjorling wedding photographywinter-wedding-reception-whitehall-placeLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyinterior-photography-one-whitehallLouise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-reception-one-whitehall-placeLouise Bjorling wedding photographywinter-wedding-reception-whitehall-placeLouise Bjorling wedding photographyone-whitehall-wedding-photographywedding-reception-one-whitehall-placewedding-reception-one-whitehall-placewedding-reception-one-whitehall-placeLouise Bjorling wedding photographywedding-reception-one-whitehall-placewedding-reception-one-whitehall-placeone-whitehall-wedding-photographywedding-photography-one-whitehall-londonwedding-photography-one-whitehall-londoncake-cutting-one-whitehall-weddingLouise Bjorling wedding photographyfirst-dance-photography-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyfirst-dance-photography-londonwedding-photography-one-whitehall-londonLouise Bjorling wedding photographyone-whitehall-london-photography-by-bjorlingLouise Bjorling wedding photographyone-whitehall-london-photography-by-bjorlingLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyLouise Bjorling wedding photographyone-whitehall-london-photography-by-bjorling

Congratulations Vanessa and Jordan!

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